2016 Prekovi army reforms

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The Prekovi Army's poor performance in the 2015 Karaman War embarrassed Prekonate's military leaders and led to a brief political crisis. The government announced major reforms to the Prekovi Army soon after its defeat. According to Prekonate's Ministry of Defense, the reforms are intended to give the Prekovi Army the ability to fight a technologically superior adversary.

By 2020, the Army will be reduced in size and consolidated into a smaller number of fighting formations. Its primary role will shift from internal policing to conventional warfare against other states.



  • To reduce the number of military formations from 110 divisons + 23 brigades to 60 brigades
  • To reduce overall manpower by 10% and transfer most infantry divisions to the ČPR
  • To reduce the junior officer corps by 25%
  • To expand the number of naval infantry brigades from 2 to 5
  • To end university students' deferment from military service


  • To replace aging signals and communications equipment
  • To purchase an airborne ground surveillance system
  • To field a new long-range surface-to-air missile (the PLRK-17 'Orlovec') by 2018
  • To replace all LT-72 tanks with T-87s by 2023
  • To ensure that all major military formations are protected from nuclear, biological, and chemical attacks


  • To transfer all domestic law enforcement duties to the ČPR by 2020