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Active 1671 - present
Country  Van Luxemburg
Branch Army
Type Army
Size 175,913 personnel
VLarmei Roundel.png

The Arméi is the land forces element of the armed forces of Van Luxemburg. It consists of 121,913 employees, with a further 54,000 employees serve with the ALD, the integrated air service arm of the Arméi.

Short History

Even though private military regiments have existed since the earliest days of government in Van Luxemburg, the actual national military was only formed in 1671, when these regiments were reformed into the national army. Due to its age, the Arméi has a very rich history, but has seen little action overall. The most important engagements took place during the 100-year war against the Transperret Republic, from 1754 to 1854. In the last century, the Van Luxemburger military has merely been responsible for peacekeeping operations or the occasional increased readiness situation, such as during the Five Years' War.

Military Academy

The Royal Military Academy in Nei Hivez in the region of Luxembourg is responsible for the training and education of officers for the Arméi. It also accepts foreign applicants.


The current structure of the Arméi has divided the military force in 30 regiments, which are subdivided in regional headquarters, of which there are 9. One headquarters is known as the interregional rapid reaction force, responsible for urgent missions abroad. This force shares its command structure with a part of the Ruccolian military, with whom the Arméi jointly operates a rapid reaction division.

The makeup of a regiment can vary. The Arméi currently subdivides it’s mainstream troops into five categories: Mechanised (Karabinéier), Armoured (Kavaléier), Mountain (Biergjeeër), Marines (Marinekarabinéier) and Airmobile (Fallschiermjeeër). These are mostly battalion-sized forces that are combined together to form a regiment. Even though regimental organisations are fixed, some battalions may temporarily be relocated or exchanged with other troops, to create the required force.

Even though every regiments has different specialised units, new recruits usually do not apply for a certain regiment or for the army as a whole, but rather for one of the five main specialisations. Even though the specialisations mountain, marine and airmobile have harsher and longer training regimes than the 'standard' specialisations of both mechanised and armoured units, they are not as highly regarded as the soldiers of the Spezialkommando, which are usually recruited from the same mountain, marine and airmobile battalions.


A squad of Karabinéier in front of a Monteluci Corazziere.

The Karabinéier (English: Carabiniers) are the backbone of the Van Luxemburger army. They provide basic infantry that has been mechanised with IFV's and heavy reconaissance vehicles. The mechanised infantry of Van Luxemburg is unique in the sense that it is equipped with heavy fire support at platoon level, in the form of a SASDI Ghepardo. Mechanised infantry is the most common specialization in the Van Luxemburger armed forces; every regiment is equipped with at least 1 battalion of mechanized infantry.


The Kavaléier (English: Cavalry) are the armoured force of the Van Luxemburger army. They are equipped with heavy vehicles such as the SASDI-VLT Léiw main battle tank and related armoured vehicles. Being provided with heavily armed infantry, they are the armoured fist of the Van Luxemburger armed forces. Due to the high weight of the vehicles, however, the troops belonging to the Cavalry corps are hardly ever deployed abroad, as lighter units are preferred.

A group of Biergjeeër recruits during a speed march in the Lëtzebuerger Alpen.


The Biergjeeër (English: Mountain Riflemen) are one of the more specific unit types in the Arméi. They are highly specialized in mountain and highland warfare, as well as arctic operations. Unlike the standard military training of 24 weeks, the training of the Biergjeeër is a course that takes at least 28 weeks and follows a separate training programme. While the units do have armoured fighting vehicles such as the SASDI Ghepardo, they have been specifically trained in moving through difficult terrain, using skis, mountain climbing techniques and snowmobiles.


Marinekarabinéier with a Pessac P-series on exercise.

The Marinekarabinéier (English: Marine Carabiniers) are a unit that has specialised itself in amphibious warfare, expeditionary tasks and naval intervention tasks, such as boarding teams. Due to the fact that the Marinekarabinéier are closely related to the Van Luxemburger Marine, they make use of the rank insignias of naval personnel to distinguish themselves from regular army units. The training of the Marine karabinéier is a course that takes at least 28 weeks and follows a separate training programme than that of any other military unit. In contrast to other specific units, the naval troops are equipped with all kinds of armoured fighting vehicles, but these vehicles however retain amphibious capabilities. Furthermore, the Marine Carabiniers are also equipped with a boating section that can offer marine and riverine support.

Fallschiermjeeër abseil down from a Rousseau HT-08 utility helicopter during exercises


The Fallschiermjeeër (English: Paratroops) are specialised in rapid deployments by air, using helicopters or aircraft. They have had extensive training in making combat jumps, as well as redeployment using helicopters. For this matter, the Fallschiermjeeër units are equipped with lighter vehicles that can easily be carried using light and heavy transport helicopters, as well as tactical transport aircraft. They have extensive combat support from the ALD's attack helicopters, as well as any ground attack capabilities the ALD may otherwise have. Furthermore, artillery support is guaranteed through light howitzers and mortars. Training of the Fallschiermjeeër takes at least 28 weeks.


Name Headquarters Battalion subunits
Region Luxembourg
1. Regiment Groussherzogliche Wuecht Findelkasern, Luxembourg, Luxembourg 2 Mechanised, 1 Armoured, 1 Airmobile
2. Regiment Jean-Marie Tapp Tappkasern, Mompach, Luxembourg 3 Mechanised, 1 Mountain
3. Regiment Yann Esch Eschkasern, Biwer, Luxembourg 2 Armoured, 1 Mechanised, 1 Amphibious
Region Villacoublay
5e Régiment de Garde Notre Comte Caserne du Comté Villacoublay, Villacoublay, Villacoublay 3 Armoured, 1 Mechanised
7e Régiment François Gabriaux Caserne du Mons, Mons-en-Baroeul, Villacoublay 1 Armoured, 2 Mechanised, 1 Airmobile
28e Régiment Troupes d’Alzette Caserne Nationale, Châteauroux, Villacoublay 3 Mechanised, 1 Amphibious
Region Levallois-Perret
8e Régiment Guides Perret Caserne du Montagnes Perret, Livry-Gargan, Levallois-Perret 2 Mechanised, 2 Mountain
10e Régiment Division Atlantique Caserne de la Mer, La Courneuve, Levallois-Perret 2 Mechanised, 1 Armoured, 1 Airmobile
30e Régiment Grand-Duc Floris II Caserne Félin, Pessac, Levallois-Perret 2 Armoured, 1 Mechanised, 1 Amphibious
Region Zinzendorf
11. Regiment ‘Zinzendorfer Wächter Marktschellenseekaserne, Zinzendorf, Zinzendorf 1 Armoured, 2 Mechanised, 1 Mountain
14. Regiment Ludwigsarmee Burgseekaserne, Kreuth, Zinzendorf 2 Armoured, 1 Mechanised, 1 Mountain
31. Regiment Westschützen Schützenkaserne‚ Düren, Zinzendorf 3 Armoured, 1 Amphibious
Region Enzersdorf
12. Regiment Enzersdorfer Landsknechten Hirtenbergerkaserne, Gstöttenau, Enzersdorf 2 Mechanised, 2 Armoured
36. Regiment Freistaat Aubach Baerkazerne, Aubach, Enzersdorf 1 Armoured, 2 Mechanised, 1 Amphibious
23. Regiment Zinzener Grenadiers Oberburgaukaserne, Oberburgau, Enzersdorf 1 Armoured, 3 Mechanised
Region Weiningen
21. Regiment Weininger Alpenwächter Grossherzog Anno-kaserne, Weiningeralp, Weiningen 2 Mechanised, 2 Mountain
33. Regiment Fueseliers Flumenthalkaserne, Oberwil, Weiningen 2 Mechanised, 1 Amphibious, 1 Airmobile
22. Regiment Carasso Reichenaukaserne, Bad Weissenhall, Weiningen 3 Armoured, 1 Mechanised
Region San Giustra
Regimente 29° Romeo Udinese Caserma Piemonte, Castiglione, San Giustra 1 Armoured, 1 Mechanised, 2 Airmobile
Regimente 19° Enrico Dandolo Caserma del Doge, Casciano, San Giustra 3 Armoured, 1 Amphibious
Regimente 34° Laura Schiavone Caserma Centrale, Ciamprisco, San Giustra 1 Armoured, 2 Mechanised, 1 Amphibious
Region Arvaglio
Regimente 20° Antonio Grimani Caserma di Campolongo, Campolongo, Arvaglio 2 Armoured, 1 Mechanised, 1 Airmobile
Regimente 13° Alfonso Trevisani Caserma Trevisani, Fiorentini, Arvaglio 1 Armoured, 3 Mechanised
Regimente 27° Carlo Pozzi Caserma Mariani, Arvaglio, Arvaglio 2 Armoured, 2 Amphibious
Region Sint-Annabeek
24e Regiment Luikse Dragonders Atlantiekkazerne, Kleinbosch, Sint Annabeek 1 Armoured, 3 Mechanised
25e Regiment Limburgse Jagers Weiningerkazerne, Klein-Zwitserland, Sint Annabeek 1 Armoured, 2 Mechanised, 1 Mountain
26e Regiment Annabeeker Wachters Regiokazerne, Sint Annabeek, Sint Annabeek 3 Armoured, 1 Amphibious
Bi-national rapid reaction division
87. Regiment Schweizerwuecht Wuechtkaserne, Schaffhausen, Weiningen 1 Armoured, 2 Mechanised, 1 Mountain
54° Regimente Garde di Giustra Caserma Centrale, San Giustra, San Giustra 1 Armoured, 2 Mechanised, 1 Amphibious
44e Régiment du Détroit Caserne des Récifs, Stagno, Arvaglio 2 Armoured, 1 Mechanised, 1 Amphibious

Bi-national rapid reaction division

Together with the armed forces of Ruccola, the Arméi runs a joint rapid reaction division. The troops of the interregional rapid reaction force of the Arméi serve in this bi-national structure on a rotational basis, with 2 unit on standby and 1 unit in regular service, rotating tasks every two years. In case of international problems, the Arméi will, together with the Ruccolian armed forces, deploy this bi-national unit. As both Ruccola and Van Luxemburg maintain very neutral policies, the division has never been deployed.

Arméi Loft Divisioun (ALD)

A Monteluci Tifone of 221 Squadron touches down on Valkenberg Air Base in Sint-Annabeek, Van Luxemburg.

Strictly speaking, a Van Luxemburger air force does not exist. The ALD, together with the MLD of the Marine, is responsible for the military aviation in Van Luxemburg. Next to a sizeable helicopter contingent, it operates a large amount of multirole fighters, including a squadron of stealth fighters.


Small Arms

Weapon Origin Caliber Image Type
Fiorentini PM220  Van Luxemburg 9x19mm SIG220-Morges.jpg Pistol
Fiorentini FAM87  Van Luxemburg 6.8x43mm Vlarmeisoldier.jpg Assault rifle
Müller G66  Van Luxemburg 7.62 x 51 mm Early FN FAL.jpg Assault Rifle
GA AGM-54Z  Van Luxemburg 12.7 x 99 mm Agm54.jpg Heavy machine gun
Fiorentini FVM-56  Van Luxemburg 7.62 x 51 mm Fvm56.jpg Light machine gun
Müller MG-04  Van Luxemburg 6.8x43mm Slovenian soldier with FN Minimi.jpg Light machine gun
Fiorentini FSM-69  Van Luxemburg 9x19 mm KENTRIKH - USA.jpg Submachine gun
GA AGM-01L  Van Luxemburg 9x19 mm TP9 Carbine.png Personal Defence Weapon
Fiorentini FSM-56  Van Luxemburg 9x19 mm Fsm56.jpg Submachine gun
GA SSG-99Z  Van Luxemburg 12.7x99 mm Ssg99.jpg Anti-materiel rifle
GA SSG-99  Van Luxemburg 8.6 x 70 mm Royal Marines snipers displaying their L115A1 rifles.jpg Sniper rifle
GA GW-03L  Van Luxemburg 40 x 46 mm Gw03.jpg Grenade launcher
GA GW-97Z  Van Luxemburg 40 x 53 mm HK GMW.jpg Grenade launcher
Müller PVW-86  Van Luxemburg Anti-Tank tandem hollow charge Schweizer Armee Panzerfaust.jpg Semi-disposable missile launcher
Müller PVW-03  Van Luxemburg Anti-Tank HEAT charge MATADOR Stand.jpg Disposable missile launcher
Walter Defence LVW-77 BOLIDE  Van Luxemburg Anti-Air shaped charge Lvw-77bolide.jpg Guided missile launcher
Walter Defence PVW-05  Van Luxemburg Anti-Tank tandem-charge HEAT Spike LR Ejército Español.JPG Guided missile launcher


Name Origin Type Number Photo Notes
Tanks & light tanks
SASDI-VLT Léiw  Van Luxemburg Main battle tank 310 VLLeiwmbt.jpg The SASDI-VLT Léiw is the lead vehicle in a family of main battle tank-based armoured fighting vehicles produced by the Van Luxemburger defence consortium SASDI, in cooperation with VLT. It is the mainstay of the Van Luxemburger cavalry forces.
Müller Puma  Van Luxemburg Main battle tank
(300 in reserve)
Leopard 2A4 Austria 4.JPG The Müller Puma is the previous generation of Main Battle Tanks of the Van Luxemburger Arméi. Most of these vehicles are maintained in mobilisable storage, awaiting sale or decommissioning. Approximately 10 have already been sold to domestic customers, with another 40 having been dismantled for their turrets.
Müller Leopard  Van Luxemburg Main battle tank
(400 in long-term storage)
Leopard1 Bundeswehr 1983.jpg The Müller Leopard was replaced by the Müller Puma in the Van Luxemburger Arméi. Most of these vehicles are maintained in long-term storage, to be deployed in case of large-scale mobilisation. Whilst the figure of 400 might have been correct at the time of decommissioning, experts suspect that many of these vehicles have since been sold on or dismantled to use their turrets in static defenses.
SASDI Ghepardo  Van Luxemburg Main battle tank 270 Ghepardo.png The SASDI Ghepardo is a wheeled main battle tank, primarily designed for service in quick reaction forces which would serve to reinforce and augment existing military formations in the event of an invasion. To this end, the vehicles were designed to be highly mobile to take advantage of Van Luxemburg's excellent infrastructure.
SASDI Landsknecht  Van Luxemburg Light tank 190 AMX-10-RC.JPG The SASDI Landsknecht is a light reconaissance vehicle that is used to provide extra support to advance elements of the Van Luxemburger military in the field.
Courtemanche Ocelot  Van Luxemburg Armoured car 10 (+190) Courtemanchelynx.JPG The Courtemanche Ocelot is the intended replacement of the SASDI Landsknecht in Van Luxemburger light divisions. Armed with either a 105mm rifled main gun or a 40mm autocannon plus ATGM's, it serves a reconnaissance and support role.
Infantry fighting vehicles
Jaguar  Van Luxemburg Infantry fighting vehicle 350 Sasdijaguar.jpg The SASDI Jaguar is an infantry fighting vehicle based on the Léiw. Equipped with a 35mm autocannon, as well as a 7.62mm Fiorentini FVM-56 light machine gun as a coaxial weapon, the Jaguar can carry a total of 8 fully equipped soldiers, and has a crew of 3 (driver, gunner, commander).
Serval  Van Luxemburg Armoured Personnel Carrier 350 Sasdiserval.jpg The SASDI Serval is an Armoured Personnel Carrier which does not feature the turret of the Léiw but is equipped with a remote weapons system similar to the commanders’ weapon on the Léiw, instead. It can carry a total of 8 fully equipped soldiers, and has a crew of 2 (driver and gunner).
Monteluci Corazziere  Van Luxemburg Infantry Fighting Vehicle 1,100 Corazzierenew.png The Monteluci Corazziere was presented at an Army Open Door Day in late 2008, and will complement the Arméi’s tracked APC’s and IFV’s, while taking over their roles in the Marinekarabinéier, Biergjeeër and Fallschiermjeeër. It is available in a number of vehicle types, such as a IFV and APC, as well as an AMOS mortar carrier.
Light vehicles
Courtemanche Fennec  Van Luxemburg Armoured car 250 FennecVL.jpg The Courtemanche Fennec is an armoured car which is used for various roles within the Arméi. Primarily used for reconnaissance or in forward positions where the M6 would be unsuitable, the Fennec is also used for guard duties and as a transport for mortar teams. Some vehicles are equipped with anti-air or anti-tank weapons.
Monteluci M6  Van Luxemburg Infantry Mobility Vehicle 5.000+ MLM6.jpg The Monteluci M6 is the replacement of the Pessac P-series in frontline duties. It has better occupant protection against mines and IED's, and its modular approach allows the vehicle to be adapted for a multitude of different tasks. Therefore, it is also used as a lightweight anti-air and anti-tank platform.
Pessac P-series  Van Luxemburg Light utility vehicle 5,000+ Marinekarabiner.png The Pessac P98 is the standard light utlity vehicle of the Van Luxemburger military. In non-stop service since 1967, the P-series have mainly been relegated to secondary tasks following the introduction of the Monteluci M6.
Artillery and support vehicles
Nashorn  Van Luxemburg Self-propelled howitzer (155mm) 160 Nashornsph.jpg The Nashorn is a self-propelled howitzer based on the Léiw platform. It is equipped with a Hembrug Wapeninrichtingen 155mm L52 gun, capable of accurately firing at targets 40 km away (with assisted projectiles).
MOBAT  Van Luxemburg Self-propelled howitzer (155mm) 80 Mobat.jpg Based on the VLT M5, the MOBAT is a mobile artillery system that was designed to be much lighter than the tracked MAK-08, to make it airmobile and thus fit the requirements of Van Luxemburg's specialized light infantry units. It is envisioned to eventually replace the Hembrug 155mm towed artillery pieces that still serve with these units.
RWA  Van Luxemburg Multiple rocket launcher 50 Rwa.jpg Based on the VLT M5, the RWA is a multiple rocket artillery system that augments the howitzers in service. It can be configured with a variety of missiles, up to 227mm in size.
Luuss  Van Luxemburg Self-propelled anti-aircraft gun 190 The Luuss is a self-propelled anti-air gun, which features a turret consisting of a radar array operating in the X and Ka radar bands, two 35mm anti-air guns, and up to twelve IRIS-T anti-air missiles.
ASRAD-R  Van Luxemburg Air defence system, light 150 systems ASRAD-VL.jpg Based on the Monteluci M6, the ASRAD is a vehicle system which consists of two modules, being a radar module and a missile module with RBS-70 BOLIDE missiles. The two modules can either be mounted on the same vehicle or be split between two vehicles, to allow for larger missile batteries being controlled by one fire control unit. It was especially designed for use with highly mobile infantry units.
ASTER  Van Luxemburg Air defence system, heavy 30 systems M5aster.jpg Based on the VLT M5, the ASTER is a vehicle system that can provide area air defence. Deployed on a number of trucks, the system is very mobile and can thus be used to protect important targets against both air attacks and ballistic missiles.
VLT M5  Van Luxemburg Multipurpose truck 10,000+ M5truck.png The VLT M5 is the backbone of the Van Luxemburger military in that it provides virtually all logistics and secondary transport tasks.


Aircraft mentioned here are part of the Arméi Loft Dienst (ALD), unless otherwise specified.

Aircraft Origin Role In service Photo
Attack Helicopters
Rousseau HA-92  Van Luxemburg Attack helicopter 84 Eurocopter LE TIGRE - Flickr - besopha.jpg
Transport/Utility Helicopters
Rousseau HT-83  Van Luxemburg Heavy lift helicopter 40 081103-N-2183K-085.jpg
Rousseau HT-08  Van Luxemburg Utility helicopter 160 Fallschiermjeeer.jpg
Rousseau HT-87  Van Luxemburg Utility helicopter 76 Ht87.jpg
Rousseau HT-90  Van Luxemburg Light multipurpose helicopter 106 Ht-90.jpg
Combat aircraft
Monteluci Tifone  Van Luxemburg Multirole Fighter Aircraft 180 TifoneVL.png
Schmolz+Bickenbach JB-87 Steinadler  Van Luxemburg Fighter-bomber
Electronic Warfare
Monteluci Astore  Van Luxemburg Stealth Multirole Fighter Aircraft 30 MonteluciAstore.png
MARADS Peregrino  Van Luxemburg Advanced trainer/Light multirole aircraft 45 M346-2022.jpg
MARADS Falco M2  Van Luxemburg Basic trainer/Light multirole aircraft 60 Aermacchi M-311, Aermacchi JP6311482.jpg
Monteluci Sparviero  Van Luxemburg Turboprop trainer/Light multirole aircraft 70 Pilatus pc-21 2.jpg
Transport aircraft
Monteluci Condor  Van Luxemburg Multipurpose aircraft 34 Condor1.png
Monteluci Atardo  Van Luxemburg Strategic Transport aircraft 10 170px
VLT Aerospace T400  Van Luxemburg Transport aircraft 46 A400m flaps down.jpg
Schmolz+Bickenbach T.93  Van Luxemburg Multipurpose aircraft 13 Avanti II 180.jpg
Schmolz+Bickenbach T.59  Van Luxemburg Light utility aircraft/Maritime patrol 4 170px
VLT Aerospace T200  Van Luxemburg Transport aircraft 8 US Navy 070901-N-1713L-047 A Panamanian airman guides a Colombian CN-235 aircraft onto the tarmac at Tocumen International Airport as part of the Combined Forces Air Combatant Command during PANAMAX 2007.jpg
Rousseau A-68  Van Luxemburg Light STOL utility aircraft 4 Pc-6 landung.jpg
Monteluci A100  Van Luxemburg VIP aircraft 4 Fokker 100, MJet JP7395474.jpg
Reconnaissance UAV
Walter/VLT Enforcer  Van Luxemburg UAV 6 170px
Walter/VLT Skeye  Van Luxemburg UAV 42 170px