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The Basic Law (Czech:Základním Zákonem or The Fundamental Law) is the written constitution and supreme law of the Republic of Pollona. Consisting of eight chapters, the Basic Law outlines the responsibilities of the federal government, delineates the separation of powers between government branches, and enumerates a series of universal rights and freedoms for its citizens. The Basic Law has been amended 18 times since its ratification in 1922. Any amendment requires a double majority of states and citizens in a national referendum to modify. In 1980 and 2003, the country formally entrenched the Chapter 1 fundamental rights, prohibiting their alteration or deletion from the Basic Law.

The Basic Law is technically the Republic's second constitution, but its first codified constitution. The revolutionary republic of 1919-1921 ran on ad hoc procedures enacted in the July Articles. The Basic Law itself was a moderate byproduct of the Revolution, especially on the question of federation.

The Basic Law is unique among other constitutions in Maredoratica for its lengthy preamble, one that explicit defines the Pollonan Government as a social contract for a "free society." Drawing on the philosophy of Legal Populism, the preamble and constitution stem from the Legalist tradition of popular government ruled by higher law. The Basic Law was at the time, particularly liberal on issues like women's equality, due process, and property rights.

Historical Background



The Basic Law is unique in Maredoratica for its lengthy preamble, rooted in liberal democratic ideals. The drafters of the Basic Law rooted their justification for the new document on theories of natural rights, the social contract, and the sanction of Christian ethics.

The purpose of government is to secure and protect the existence of a free society, to empower its citizens with their natural rights, and to secure the blessings of all those who strive for liberty. Whenever this great design is not obtained, the people have a right to alter their government, and take all measures necessary for the safety, prosperity, and happiness for them and their fellow man.

A free society is an association of individuals. In it exists a universal covenant, formed of the bonds between every citizen. Each agrees to be governed by a certain higher law for the benefit of society. It is the duty of a free society to organize a government which provides an equitable and democratic spirit to the law. Therefore, a free society requires a government that ensures every citizen may, at any time, find their life, liberty, and property secure in their communal home.

To these ends, we the people of the Republic of Pollona recognize the strength and compassion of Almighty God, who has given to this opportunity, peaceably and judiciously, without fraud, violence, or intimidation, to craft a constitution for civil government. We look for his blessing upon our new endeavor, and for our succeeding generations, as we ordain and establish the basic, fundamental, and universal laws of our society.

Basic Law of Pollona

Chapter 1 : Fundamental Law

Chapters 2 & 3: The National Government

Chapters 4 & 5: President and Cabinet

Chapter 6: Parliament

Chapter 7: Judiciary

Chapter 8: Amendment

Notable Amendments