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Skyline of Cap-Métis
Skyline of Cap-Métis
Flag of Cap-Métis
Motto: Lilia sola regunt
(Latin: The fleur-de-lis alone rules)
Country Morieux
Department Nouvelle-Morieux
 • Mayor Henri Renard
 • Total 2,276,443
 • Density 0

Cap-Métis is the prefecture, or capital, of Nouvelle-Morieux, an overseas department of the Morivaine Republic located on the Taïmyr Peninsula. It has a population of 2,276,443 and encompasses X square kilometers. Prekovi-speakers make up the largest ethnic group with 94% of the population, with Morivaine people represent the second largest ethnic group with 4%. French language is the dominant language of the upper and middle classes of Cap-Métis, while Prekovi is widely used by the lower social classes. The city and the surrounding area were incorporated into Morieux after the Tajmyr War in 1865.

Cap-Métis served, and continues to serve to a lesser degree, as the primary point of entry for Morivaine trade goods going into Prekonate following the Tajmyr War. The city is also home to a large Prekovi-expat community generally associated with the liberal wings of Prekovi politics. The sovereignty of Cap-Métis and the wider peninsula remains a major point of contention in Morivaine-Prekovi relations, though Prekonate no longer asserts an official claim to the territory.



Arrondissements of Cap-Métis

Cap-Métis is divided into 15 arrondissements, or administrative districts. Each of these is further divided into four quarters, each centered around a police and fire station.

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