Civic Democratic Party (Pollona)

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Civic Democratic Party
Občanská Demokracie Strana
Abbreviation ODS
Leader Robert Dovorak
President Pavel Mlezive
Chairperson Lenka Jicha
Founded September 26, 1992 (1992-09-26)
Merger of Conservative Party
Civic Platform
Headquarters Vlašská 487, Liberec
Student wing Mladí Demokraté
Membership  (2015) 588,348
Ideology Social Conservatism
Christian Democracy
Political position Center-right
International affiliation Maredoratic Christian Political Movement
Colors Blue, White
Federal Council
37 / 101
National Assembly
226 / 600
State Premierships
3 / 20
State Assembly Seats
525 / 1,731
ML General Assembly
4 / 17

The Civic Democratic Party (CD) (Czech: Občanská Demokracie Strana or ODS), commonly known as Civic Democracy, is a conservative party in Pollona. It is one of the country's two main national political parties, including the Liberal Union. The Civic Democratic Party is the largest political party in Pollona in terms of membership, and controls the second largest number of Federal and State Legislative seats. It was founded in 1992 after the merger of Pollona's oldest political party: the Conservatives, and the smaller, right-wing Civic Platform. Civic Democracy is the leading party of the Pollonan right.

Since 1992, the Civic Democrats have lead the government in Parliament for all but 5 years, and won 3 successive Presidential elections. As of 2017, Civic Democracy is the junior partner in a grand coalition with the Liberal Union.

The Civic Democratic Party is based on the ideas of Christian democracy. The party holds conservative stances on cultural, social, and moral issues, while supporting a social market economy and government intervention to promote public welfare. The Civic Democratic Party dedicates itself to "creating conditions in which civil society flourishes" and "ensuring economic and social change are harnessed to maintain social cohesion." The party is largely non-committal ("realist") on foreign policy, affirming its stance as a patriotic party.


ICC Split (2009)




Electoral Performance

Electoral History

National Assembly

Election year Votes Vote share Seats +/– Government
2008 - 45.32
276 / 600
Increase 9 in government
2011 - 41.05
245 / 600
Decrease 31 in government
2011 - 35.66
226 / 600
Decrease 19 Junior in grand coalition
with the LU


Election Candidates Votes Vote % Outcome of election
2013 Anna Kolel 15,507,360 42.72 Liberal Unionist Victory