Committee for State Security

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Committee for State Security
Comité pour la Sécurité de l'État
Emblem of the CSE
Agency overview
Formed 1943
Preceding agency
  • Directorate of External Security
Jurisdiction  Morieux
Motto Partout où la nécessité fait loi
Agency executive
  • , Minister for State Security
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The Committee for State Security (French: Comité pour la Sécurité de l'État) is the main security agency for Morieux since 1943. It acts as an internal security, intelligence, and covert paramilitary agency. Its employees operate from Morivaine embassies and many other locations around the world. It only reports to the Committee of Public Safety, while still drawing its budget from the National Convention.

It is structured primarily as a military service and is governed by army laws and regulations. Its main functions are collecting foreign intelligence, conducting counterintelligence, operative-investigatory activities, guarding Morieux's borders, guarding the leadership of the Morivaine Government, organizing and ensuring of government communications.