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CommonText (informally referred to as CT or The Text) is a Questarian system, analagous to an intranet, used to provide information to the public and other services, including public service announcements, electronic voting, online banking, e-mail, ration card management, and a government-provided encyclopaedia. CommonText was launched in 1993 as a teletext service, and continues today both as a teletext broadcast service for analogue televisions, and a digital service for non-analog televisions. It can be operated with a television remote control or, in the case of the digital service, a keyboard. Since 2005, CommonText has also been available on computers. The digital and computer service is broadcast via digital subscriber line. Since the global internet is unavailable in Questers, CommonText functions as a government-controlled internet. CommonText is available for Questarians overseas with a modified service called CommonText Abroad.




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