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Communes are the basic form of local government in Questers. A Commune is typically comprised of a residential area with surrounding enterprises and usually contains no more than approximately 20,000 people. The Communes Act 1992 allows geographical areas to form their own Communes via supermajority vote, so the borders of local government are typically set by their constituents and are constantly changing; although this makes estimating the number of Communes in Questers difficult, foreign analysts believe there are no fewer than seven thousand and no more than eleven thousand. Communes are able to make bye-laws concerning their administration, and to act collectively to establish communal services and co-operative enterprises.

Communes are essential to the basis of both community and personal life. Most Questarian citizens use communal services such as cafeterias and pubs, laundromats, creches and convenience stores which are run by a Commune. Decisions about the operation of the Commune are made by consensus, with popular votes for administrators, who are subject to recall via petition. Communal decision making reaches out to the basic operation of these services and even more personal aspects such as housing. Detractors of the Commune system claim that the system is a form of totalitarian collectivism, whereas its proponents claim it is a form of radical, popular democracy, known as horizontalism.