Conservative Party (Sondstead)

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Conservative Party
Könserfädif Pärtiy
Leader Kristinä Lindkwist
Senate Leader Niklas Ditserhölm
Founded 1879
Headquarters 821 Mirringjrwer Sut, Asteriopol
Student wing Uniwersidät Könserfädif Förbind
Youth wing Jöngjr Könserfädifen
Membership 89,456 (2010)
Ideology Liberal conservatism
Political position Centre-right
International affiliation Maredoratic Christian Political Movement
Colors Blue
12 / 48
People's Assembly
129 / 351
2 / 9
State Diets
179 / 686
ML General Assembly
3 / 6

The Conservative Party (Sondsteadish: Könserfädifpärtiy) is a liberal-conservative political party in Sondstead. It is the oldest political party in the country, having been established in 1879, and the largest by number of members in the Federal Diet. It is also the second largest party by both number of state legislative seats held and total membership, behind only the Socialist Labour Party, and holds the premierships of two of eight Sondsteadish states.

The party's platform is socially moderate-liberal and economically liberal, favoring free enterprise, limited government, individual rights, and internationalism. It supports free trade and tax reduction, and has historically been the party most vocal in supporting Sondsteadish membership in multilateral organizations and closer bilateral cooperation with other liberal democratic states.

The Conservative Party has produced more Prime Ministers, thirteen, than any other Sondsteadish party, and since the mid 1970s it has been, with the SAP, one of the two largest parties in the country. It has led a centre-right coalition government with the Centre Liberal and Christian Democratic parties since 2009, with its leader Kristinä Lindkwist as Prime Minister of Sondstead.



Support base

The traditional base for the Conservatives was rural southern Sondstead, particularly the established landholding class; conservative-minded rural voters remain a core constituency, with the strongest Conservative support coming from the West Riding region of Windstrand. Urban upper-middle class voters are also a strong Conservative constituency. Compared to the general population, the party's supporters are more likely to be white collar workers or business owners, to have an annual household income of Kr 1 million or more, and be Church of Sondstead members. They are less likely to be blue collar workers, foreign born or of immigrant background, or under the age of 30.

Election results

Election year Votes Vote share Seats +/– Government
2005 4,411,627 26.94
98 / 351
in opposition
2009 5,457,779 32.33
120 / 351
Increase 22 in government
2013 5,682,950 34.91
129 / 351
Increase 9 in government

Party leaders