Council of the Maredoratic League

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The Council has the power to suggest and pass "binding" legislation. Binding legislation must be implemented in all Maredoratic League member-states lest they risk expulsion from the League. Because the Council has the sole power to pass such legislation, it is composed of the heads of state (or government) for each member-state to ensure that the national governments of constituent states are in support. The Council may only involve itself in matters of international importance, including but not limited to: genocide and crimes against humanity, human trafficking, regional development, and trade.

The League Council reserves a number of rights not available to the General Assembly, in addition to the power to pass binding legislation. The Council is responsible for sanctioning peacekeeping missions once they pass through the General Assembly, and only the Council can establish or dissolve constituent organizations. The Council can, by simple majority vote, expel, sanction, or censure a member state, block a candidate state from joining, or authorize peacekeeping missions.