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The ESAX (Vun Lëtzebuergesch: Esch-sur-Alzette Index) is a blue chip stock market index consisting of 25+ major Van Luxemburger companies. All companies are traded on the Esch-sur-Alzette stock exchange (BESA). Using an advanced algorithm, the prices of each individual stock are calculated and together with volume and market capitalization, combined into the index. The index started at a base value of 100 on the 1st of September, 1982.


The ESAX consists of the following companies (Work in progress):

Company Symbol Sector Index Weighting
AIRE Groep Template:BESA Insurance & Real Estate 3.18
Automobiles Courtemanche Template:BESA Automobiles 1.22
Banque Morel Template:BESA Credit banks 2.65
Bülacher Staatsbank Template:BESA Credit banks 4.01
Courbusier Navale Template:BESA Naval construction 0.88
Credito Arvagliano Template:BESA Credit banks 1.46
Gilox Medical Template:BESA Healthcare 1.17
Grand-Ducal Petroleum Template:BESA multi-utilities 3.78
Groussherzogliche Fliger Gesellschaft Template:BESA Airlines 1.67
Koopmans Transporten Template:BESA Logistics 6.99
Klein & Russo Accountants Template:BESA Professional services 4.12
MMBS Template:BESA Media 2.56
Mobifone Template:BESA Telecommunications 1.78
Monteluci Aeronautica e Difesa Template:BESA Defense and Aviation 0.59
Müller Maschinenbau Template:BESA Diversified industrials 7.18
Pabst Technologies Template:BESA Diversified industrials 2.78
Rothstein+Lange Bauunternehmen Template:BESA Construction 3.89
Royal Lemco Template:BESA Food products 2.71
Royal Sazuco Template:BESA Food products 2.44
Sego Template:BESA Computer services 0.89
Skizz Markt Group Template:BESA Diversified retail 6.11
Terracon Construction Template:BESA Construction 0.81
VLT Automotive Group Template:BESA Diversified industrials 20.81
Vun Lëtzebuergesche Post Template:BESA Logistics 5.12
Walter Technologie Template:BESA Diversified industrials 11.2

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