Equipment of the Combined Forces

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Small Arms

Heavy weapons

Light vehicles

Armoured vehicles

Name Origin Type Number Image Details
M2 Ermine  Questers Main battle tank 1,300 Challenger 2 MOD 45149223.jpg Introduced in 2005, the Ermine uses an improved model of the Fergana's L30 gun with a remodeled turret, firing single-piece ammunition. The tank has been upgraded with new digital communications systems and infrared sights. It is expected to stay in service until 2040. Questers produces approximately 300 tanks per year.
M1 Fergana  Questers Main battle tank 1,000
1,000 (Territorial Force)
Challenger-ODS-1.JPEG The Fergana was introduced in the early 1980s, but only 120 units had been produced when the revolution began. Tank production was rapidly increased and more than 2,000 units were produced between 1991 and 2005. Slowly being replaced by the M2 in the same regular Army, Fergana tanks are now being shifted into the reserves.
M1  Questers Heavy troop carrier 270 Flickr - Israel Defense Forces - 13th Battalion of the Golani Brigade Holds Drill at Golan Heights (20).jpg The M1 is a troop carrier based on the Ermine tank chassis, and slightly thicker armour. It was introduced in 2014, but production was delayed; some units went into action in Karaman. Currently equips the mechanised infantry attached to the two divisions of XXX Corps.
M5 Archer  Questers Infantry fighting vehicle 3,750 (total variants) Warrior Light Tank MOD 45148919.jpg The M5 is a multi-variant troop carrier which entered service in 1989. The most common variant, the M5 Archer, carries seven troops and is armed with a 30-mm cannon. The M6 Atlantis and M7 Atlas are recovery and repair variants, the M8 Argonaut is an ambulance, and the M9 Andromeda is an artillery observation vehicle. The M10 Achilles is a surveillance and anti-tank variant. The M11 Apollo is a troop carrier variant without the turret and its electronics, which has replaced the M432 troop carrier.
M432 Badger  Questers Infantry fighting vehicle 4,100 (total variants) FV432 RAF Duxford.jpg

Artillery and Air Defence

Name Origin Type Number Image Details
SPML M227  Morieux Rocket artillery 390 MLRS captured as a training round leaves the launch tube on the ranges at Otterburn. MOD 45158570.jpg Fires M300 unitary warhead or M266 ICM warhead. In addition may fire missiles with submunitions such as M33 Depth Antitank Munition. M227 currently equips 22 regiments of depth artillery, each regiment being composed of two batteries of 9 launchers.
M27 Glave  Questers Rocket artillery 54 Scud-launcher-scotland1.jpg Still operated by 41 Depth Regiment; three batteries of 18 launchers. Due for replacement in 2025. Believed to be equipped with M28 VX missiles for attacking airfields and the M29 high explosive missile. Estimated range of 350 miles.