Fleckenwalder revolution

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Fleckenwalder revolution
LocationSilgadin, Schaumburg, Pollona
Result Status quo ante bellum
Communist Party of the Fleckenwalder Nations
 Silgadin: 40,000+
 Schaumburg: 42,000+
 Pollona: 2,500-33,000

The Fleckenwalder revolution, also known as the Mountain revolution, was a failed Communist revolution in Schaumburg and Silgadin by the Communist Party of the Fleckenwalder Nations (Kommunistische Partei der Fleckenwalder Nationen, KPFN) against the monarchies of the two countries. Although the KPFN was founded in the early 1960s, and became popular in the early 90s after a succession of strikes, it was not until late 1999, when the Questarian Communist Party decided to support the KPFN with arms, money and advice, that the revolution started. After the return to civilian government in 2014, Questers withdrew its support for the KPFN and the Party decided to end the armed struggle.

The governments of Silgadin and Schaumburg were supported by Pollona and Styria respectively, in the former case with troops. The barely concealed Questarian support for the KPFN significantly weakened relations between Questers and Pollona, especially after a series of terrorist attacks in major Pollonan cities, including the 2005 bombing of the Interior Ministry Building and the 2011 bombing of the Brno international airport. The KPFN considered itself allied to the anti-Odveta movement in Pollona, and performed numerous attacks on Pollonan security personnel as a result.




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