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The Group of Eight (G8) is an annual international forum for the governments of eight nations: Morieux, Van Luxemburg, Galla, Jungastia, Pollona, Taihei Tengoku, Prekonate, and Questers. It aims to create policies which foster inter-governmental and economic cooperation. The G8 heads of state/government meet in a different host country every year on a rotating basis. Membership is limited by invitation, and consists of highly industrialized countries with large economies and active foreign policies. The forum began as the Group of Five (G5) in 1990, which discussed ongoing unrest in Questers and the liberalization of international trade. Since 1997, the G8 has also focused on issues of international law and human rights.

The founding members are Morieux, Van Luxemburg, Galla, Jungastia and Pollona. Questers and Prekonate were invited to the 1999 summit, when it was renamed the Group of Seven (G7). In 2009 Taihei Tengoku was invited instead of Questers, which was expelled from the group. Questers was reinvited to the 2017 summit after its troops withdrew from Karaman.

Since 1991 the G8 also hosts the biennial Maredoratic Development Forum, which is open to all 39 countries of Maredoratica. This forum, a meeting of finance ministers and central bank governors, specializes in issues pertaining to international development. An open invitation is extended to any country recognized by at least half the attendees present at the previous meeting.

The logo of the G8


Establish and legitimize customs in public international law.

Past Summits


  •  Varnia - Varnia boycotted the Maredoratic Development Forum in 1993 in protest against the invitation of representatives from Alanko. Alanko was an autonomous territory of Varnia at the time, administered by a Maredoratic League peacekeeping force, after a Varnian invasion in 1984. In 1993 Alanko reached the threshold of international recognition for invitation, leading to Varnia boycotting the meetings until an agreement on its independence was reached in 1994. Varnian public opinion of the Forum has also historically been low, and several public initiatives have unsuccessfully tried to restrict Varnian attendance to the meetings.