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The Republican Homeland Security Office (RHSO, RHS) (Danske: Republikansk Hjemland Sikkerhedskontor), informally known as Homeland Security or by its agency code, Timeline, is a Questarian law enforcement agency responsible for the law enforcement of the whole federation. RHSO's jurisdictions are contained within its own constitution, but the organisation was set up as a consequence of the 1993 Public Order and Emergency Regulations Act. Homeland Security is also defined as an intelligence and security agency, although the bulk of its work is domestic law enforcement. The Office is sometimes referred to as Party Intelligence.

The RHSO is one of the three main Questarian intelligence agencies, the others being the SOE (foreign intelligence) and the Military Intelligence and Reconnaissance Office (military intelligence).







From 1993, Homeland Security has operated detention centres, known as Emergency Centres, where individuals have been detained without process. In some cases, individuals have simply disappeared from public life and in other cases their detention has been a matter of public record. It is estimated that between 1993 and 2009 at least 245,000 people were detained without trial. Through the efforts of a group of trades union delegates, known as the Anti-detention Group, information regarding these individuals was obtained from the government, usually limited to a name, date arrested, and an official reason. Between 1993 and 2009 the official reason was always one of three:

  • Subject is considered an imminent threat to national security
  • Subject is in the employ of a foreign bourgeoisie power
  • Subject is being questioned regarding activities concerning subversion, sabotage, or espionage

After the Office was subsumed into the General Security Office, the state stopped offering reasons for detention and increased the number of people being detained; at least 185,000 people were detained for at least one week between 2009 and 2015. Following the Special Advocate's Investigation in the 2009 Constitution, the majority of individuals were released, and contemporary sources suggest approximately 5,000 individuals who are currently detained at any one time.

Reports by those who have been discharged from detention centres and subsequently fled the country, and those by either defectors from Questarian Homeland Security and informants from other intelligence agencies, provide a mixed view on detention centres. Defectors and survives sometimes report widespread torture, including the use of electric shocks, drugs such as scopolamine and sodium thiopental, and enhanced interrogation. Other intelligence agencies and defectors suggest that the use of torture was rare and confined only to individuals who the state suspects are serious threats to national security. Questers officially denies the use of torture by its intelligence agencies.

In its history, an estimated 1,000-1,500 people have died in Party Intelligence custody; however, according to Questarian sourcs, 9,456 individuals have been convicted of the death penalty by the courts following the disclosure of evidence for sabotage or espionage by Party Intelligence. As of 2016, the Maredoratic Organisation for Human Rights officially claims that 1045 individuals have died in custody and 19,200 individuals have been executed as a consequence of evidence obtained under duress; of these, 7,565 were executed between 2009 and 2014. In 2017, Party Intelligence detained 2,997 individuals without trial, of which 2,565 were released within six months.

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