Jesselton Pact

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Jesselton Treaty
Abbreviation JESPAC
Formation 2009, April 1st
Type Co-operation Agreements
Legal status Treaty
Purpose Defence and Economic Co-operation Agreements
Headquarters Jesselton, Questers
Region served

Official language
Affiliations Republican International/Internationale Republicain

The Treaty of Defence Co-operation and Treaty of Economic Co-operation, collectively known as the Jesselton Defence and Economic Agreements are two treaties combined into a single Treaty Pact in Maredoratica. The treaties solidified and formalised relations between the Republican and left-leaning or socialist democracies in the region.


The first Treaty of Defence Co-operation was signed in Jesselton, Questers, on April 1st, 2009 by representatives from the four founding countries, Questers, Morieux, and Rochehaut. Two weeks later the same representatives signed the Treaty of Economic Co-operation and then formalised the two as the Jesselton Defence and Economic Agreements, known also as the Jesselton Treaty Pact.

In November, 2013 Varnia was given observer status to Jesselton Treaty Pact summits and events. It has since joined the tariff free zone and visa-free travel agreement. Varnia's observer status has never been legally ratified in Varnia and has been the subject of several lawsuits arguing that it requires ratification to be valid. No court has ruled against the de facto ratification of Varnia's observer status. Varnia has on occasion sent military units to Jesselton Treaty Pact military exercises and has bilateral military co-operation treaties with both Morieux and Questers.

Treaty of Defence Co-operation

The Treaty of Defence Co-operation mandated a number of things between the nations.

  • Establishment of a permanent Pact military liaison in each country.
  • Yearly joint training exercises.
  • Inter-networking of communications and intelligence departments.
  • A full-time military theory studies academy with a campus in Jesselton and a campus in Saint-Lo.
  • Co-operation on matters of military technology.

Treaty of Economic Co-operation

The Treaty of Defence Co-operation mandated a number of things between the nations.

  • A tariff free zone.
  • Technology co-operation schemes.
  • Visa-free travel between the nations (excepting Questers, which does not offer visa-free travel to any country; the Questarian opt-out was replaced with free visa-on-arrival for Pact states.)

Jesselton Treaty Pact

The Treaty Pact document formally linked the two, Defence and Economic treaties, and included the most politically important part of the Pact.

  • Member states are obliged to aid in each other in the case of unjustified aggression.
  • Member states will refrain from military or economic conflict against one another.

"All signatory nations shall engage with another under the banner of human solidarity and strive together for a better future, for their constituent populations and for the whole of humanity. We, the signatory nations of the Jesselton Treaty Pact, do promise to extend always the branch of peace and solidarity. Never shall we take arms against a foreign people in aggression; but we will not hesitate to mobilise totally in the defence of a member nation in the cause of justice."

Jesselton Defence and Economic Agreements Text