List of active Questarian naval ships

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Major surface warships

Class Ship Pennant No. Commissioned Displacement (t) Embarked Command
Indomitable-class aircraft carrier
17 HMS Ark Royal North Atlantic July 76.jpg
Indomitable R09 1978 59,950t 333 NAS - 16 Cormorant S3
335 NAS - 16 Longbow FG4
309 NAS - 2 Poacher AEW1
306 NAS - 6 Antelope HAS3
Indefatigable R10 1979 59,950t 456 NAS - 16 Cormorant S3
458 NAS - 16 Longbow FG4
411 NAS - 2 Poacher AEW1
415 NAS - 6 Antelope HAS3
INS Viraat (R22) Malabar 07.jpg
Hood R05 1970 28,000t 777 NAS - 24 Sea Heron FRS3
711 NAS - 2 Gannet AEW5
714 NAS - 7 Antelope HAS3
Southern Fleet
Centaur-class aircraft carrier
HMS Ark Royal Visits HMNB Clyde for the Final Time MOD 45152037.jpg
Centaur R11 1998 22,000t 707 NAS - 10 Sea Heron FRS3
742 NAS - 12 Antelope HAS3
Unicorn R12 2000 22,000t 709 NAS - 10 Sea Heron FRS3
743 NAS - 12 Antelope HAS3
Glorious-class commando carrier
Uss iwo jima (LPH-2) 2.jpg
Glorious L02 1977 24,000t 201 NAS - 12 Sea Badger
202 NAS - 12 Sea Badger
Implacable-class commando carrier
Apache Helicopter Takes off from HMS Ocean During Operation Ellamy MOD 45153052.jpg
Implacable L07 1999 21,500t 204 NAS - 9 Sea Badger
206 NAS - 9 Sea Badger
Irresistible L08 2003 21,500t 203 NAS - 9 Sea Badger
205 NAS - 9 Sea Badger

Minor surface warships

Class Ship Pennant No. Commissioned Displacement Command
Type 92-class destroyer
HMS Manchester D95.jpg
Ardent D92 1982 5,350t
Arrow D93 1985 5,350t
Ambush D94 1987 5,350t
Antelope D95 1992 5,350t
Attack D96 1996 5,350t
Astute D96 1997 5,350t
Atlas D97 1998 5,350t Southern Fleet
Archer D99 1998 5,350t
Alert D100 1999 5,350t
Approach D101 1999 5,350t
County-class frigate
US Navy 020612-N-9407M-518 British frigate HMS Richmond (F-239) launches an AGM-84A "Harpoon" missile.jpg
Rutland F01 1991 5,250t
Hareshire F02 1992 5,250t
Hallia F03 1992 5,250t
Richmondshire F04 1993 5,250t
Naffolk F05 1993 5,250t
Howdenshire F06 1994 5,250t
Northwelbyshire F07 1994 5,250t
Ridukhavland F08 1994 5,250t
Lampshire F08 1994 5,250t
Sherwood F08 1994 5,250t
Town-class frigate
HMS Sutherland F81.jpg
Jesselton F80 1996 4,900t
Altringham F81 1996 4,900t
Harrington F82 1997 4,900t
Haschester F83 1997 4,900t Southern Fleet
Owceistershire F84 1997 4,900t
Softham F85 1998 4,900t
Elborough F86 1999 4,900t
Kenborough F87 1999 4,900t Southern Fleet
Duffborough F88 2002 4,900t
Pembroke F89 2003 4,900t
Bailihull F90 2004 4,900t
Canopus-class frigate
Brazilian Navy Ship Greenhalgh (F-46).jpg
Canopus F44 1982 5,300t
Regulus F45 1983 5,300t
Polaris F46 1984 5,300t
Sirius F47 1985 5,300t Commerce Protection Squadron
Vega F48 1985 5,300t Southern Fleet
Arcturus F49 1986 5,300t Southern Fleet


Class Ship Pennant No. Commissioned Displacement Command
Bounty-class fleet submarine
B-class fleet submarine.jpg
Bounty S11 1979 4,900t submerged Southern Fleet
Bonaventure S12 1979 4,900t submerged Southern Fleet
Battleaxe S13 1980 4,900t submerged
Brilliant S14 1980 4,900t submerged
Saturn-class fleet submarine
S-class fleet submarine.jpg
Saturn S01 1983 4,900t submerged
Spartan S02 1985 4,900t submerged Southern Fleet
Superb S03 1989 4,900t submerged
Splendid S04 1993 4,900t submerged
Scimitar S05 1994 4,900t submerged
Jupiter-class fleet submarine
HMS Tireless S-88.jpg
Jupiter S21 1995 5,300t submerged
Mars S22 1996 5,300t submerged
Bellona S23 1997 5,300t submerged
Neptune S24 1998 5,300t submerged
Minerva S25 1999 5,300t submerged
Juno S26 1999 5,300t submerged
Fortuna S27 2000 5,300t submerged
Diana S28 2001 5,300t submerged

Large patrol boats

Class Ship Pennant No. Commissioned Displacement Command
Mosquito-class corvette
F356 - PETO.jpg
Mosquito P355 1976 1,450t Commerce Protection Squadron
Magnificent P356 1977 1,450t Commerce Protection Squadron
Moth P357 1978 1,450t Commerce Protection Squadron
Merlin P358 1979 1,450t Commerce Protection Squadron
Mandate (Ex Majestic) P359 1980 1,450t Commerce Protection Squadron
Jackal-class patrol vessel
P912 QF.jpg
Jackal P911 1979 1,280t Fisheries Protection Squadron
Javelin P912 1981 1,280t Fisheries Protection Squadron
Juniper P913 1983 1,280t Fisheries Protection Squadron
Jubilant P914 1985 1,280t Southern Fleet
Jennifer P915 1992 1,280t Fisheries Protection Squadron
Jewel P916 1994 1,280t Fisheries Protection Squadron
Joust P917 1996 1,280t Fisheries Protection Squadron
Joyful P918 1997 1,280t Southern Fleet
Justice P919 1997 1,280t Southern Fleet
Endeavour-class corvette
Endeavour P100 1996 1,450t Northern Rytuic Squadron
Encounter P101 1999 1,450t Northern Rytuic Squadron
Escapade P102 199 1,450t Northern Rytuic Squadron

Mine countermeasures

Class Ship Pennant No. Commissioned Displacement Command
Diamond-class mine countermeasures vessel
The British Royal Navy mine countermeasures vessel HMS Quorn (M41) maneuvers into a position in the Persian Gulf May 20, 2013, during International Mine Countermeasures Exercise (IMCMEX) 2013 130520-N-OA702-043.jpg
Diamond M21 1984 750t
Defence M22 1984 750t
Dragon M23 1984 750t
Dagger M24 1984 750t
Danger M25 1984 750t
Dolphin M26 1984 750t
Dilettante M27 1984 750t
Debut M28 1984 750t

Amphibious and landing ships

Class Ship Pennant No. Commissioned Displacement Embarked Command
River-class landing platform dock
The British Royal Fleet Auxiliary landing dock ship RFA Cardigan Bay (L3009) maneuvers into position to receive a U.S. Navy MH-60S Knighthawk helicopter assigned to Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron (HSC) 26 in 130520-N-OA702-044.jpg
Rythe L44 2004 16,160t Battlegroup Baker, 3 Commando - 400 marines Commerce Protection Squadron
Beam L45 2006 16,160t Battlegroup Charlie, 3 Commando - 400 marines
Wharfe L46 2008 16,160t Battlegroup Duff, 3 Commando - 400 marines
Wilassia-class landing platform dock
HMS Bulwark.jpg
Wilassia L14 1999 19,560t Battlegroup Alpha, 3 Commando - 400 marines
Alqosia L15 2002 19,560t Battlegroup Easy, 3 Commando - 400 marines, 30 APCs, 6 tanks
Pearl Sea-class landing ships
HMAS Tobruk 2008.jpg
Pearl Sea L50 1975 5,100t Southern Fleet
Rytuic Sea L51 1977 5,100t
Kalte Sea L52 1978 5,100t
Maredoratic Sea L53 1983 5,100t

Auxiliary ships

Class Ship Pennant No. Commissioned Displacement Role Command
Dolphin-class tanker
The Portsmouth based Type 23 Frigate, HMS Iron Duke carrying out Replenishment at Sea (RAS) with RFA Wave Ruler, whilst carrying out the duties of the Atlantic Patrol Task (North) ATP (N). MOD 45146495.jpg
Dolphin A21 2005 31,500t Fast fleet tanker
Orca A22 2005 31,500t Fast fleet tanker
Beluga A23 2008 31,500t Fast fleet tanker
Porpoise A24 2011 31,500t Fast fleet tanker
Upholder-class fleet oiler
Replenishment At Sea. MOD 45144979.jpg
Upholder A15 1995 33,675t Replenishment oiler Reserve Auxiliary Fleet
Upbeat A16 1998 33,675t Replenishment oiler Reserve Auxiliary Fleet
Untiring A17 1999 33,675t Replenishment oiler
Urgent A18 2002 33,675t Replenishment oiler Southern Fleet
Upright A19 2004 33,675t Replenishment oiler
Unshaken A20 2006 33,675t Replenishment oiler
Umpire A26 2012 33,675t Replenishment oiler
Zealous-class oiler
RFA Gold Rover (A271) P sound.jpg
Zealous A03 1982 10,400t Replenishment oiler Reserve Auxiliary Fleet
Zodiac A04 1985 10,400t Replenishment oiler Reserve Auxiliary Fleet
Zenith A05 1989 10,400t Replenishment oiler
Young-class hospital ship
RFA Argus off the coast of Devonport.jpg
Young Lion A61 1989 28,000t Hospital ship
Young Eagle A62 1994 28,000t Hospital ship
Volunteer-class repair ship
RFA Diligence During a Counter Piracy Boarding Exercise MOD 45153208.jpg
Volunteer A70 1993 10,500t Forward repair ship
Pioneer A71 1993 10,500t Forward repair ship
800px-RV Marion Dufresne.jpg
Dove H130 1998 10,300t Scientific survey ship
Amity-class survey ship
HMS Scott at Port Lockroy MOD 45151219.jpg
RV Amity H131 2001 13,500t Scientific survey ship
RV Advance H132 2006 13,500t Scientific survey ship Southern Fleet

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