List of current heads of state and government

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This is a list of current heads of state and government, showing heads of state and Head of government where different, mainly in parliamentary systems; often a leader is both in presidential systems. Some states have semi-presidential systems where the head of government role is fulfilled by both the listed head of government and the head of state.

The list includes the names of the recently elected or appointed heads of state who will take office on an appointed date.

Member states and observers of the Maredoratic League

Legend: Names in small font generally denote acting, transitional, temporary leaders or representatives. Other notes and exceptions are provided in the References section below.
State Head of state Head of government Notes
 Boaga King Gozo III Prime Minister Manual Mardo
 Berry President Robert Dufaure Prime Minister Alexandre Bonnet
 Borgosesia Grand Marshal Regolo Vertucci Prime Minister Nicea Del Pizzo
 Galla Princess Karoline II Prime Minister Kjell Vikernes
 Guurdalai Khaan Soljinzayaa Prime Minister Jaoret Khaitomriin
Template:Country data Mereon President Johann van Piers Prime Minister Thomas Carlyle
 Pollona President Josef Laszlo Prime Minister Micael Hrubý
 Schaumburg Princess Anna Sophie II Prime Minister Johannes Uhlmann
 Ruccola President Marco di Castello Prime Minister Giustino Tuono
 Silgadin Duke Otto XII Prime Minister Filip Malögia
Template:Country data Sombornia President Matteû Mentifilû Prime Minister Luccia Florimóns
 Sondstead King Christopher IX Prime Minister Kristinä Lindkwist
 Styria King Konrad Von Wallishauser Chancellor Paul Elsesser
 Valcluse President Madeline Pellet Prime Minister Gérard Renault
 Van Luxemburg Grand Duke Konrad II Premier Alessandro Lurani

Other States

State Head of state Head of government Notes
 Taihei Tengoku Secular Regency De jure head of state/government is YHWH Mikael Korumnos.
 Varnia Executive Council of the Republic of Varnia De facto head of state and head of government is President Trygve Johannsen

Governments with limited recognition

State Head of state Head of government