List of national constitutions

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The following is a list of national constitutions by country and codification.


Country Date adopted Notes External link
Jumièges Fundamental Law of the Union of Democratic Social Corpities (Jumieges) August 14th, 2016 xx xx
Morieux Constitution of the Third Morivaine Republic Brumare 21st, 1945 Third constitution of Morieux. Adopted after the First Intifada. Translated Full Text
Pollona Basic Law of Pollona November 22nd, 1921 xx 2016
Prekonate Provisions of Opava (Prekonate) November 10th, 1642 XX 2016 Translated Version
Taihei Tengoku Basic Law of Taihei Tengoku November 11th, 1861 Last amended June 10th, 1975 Translated Full Text
Valcluse Constitution of Valcluse June 30, 1968 Third constitution which established the Third Valclusian Republic xx
Varnia Constitution of Varnia October 12th, 1891 Second constitution adopted by the Varnian Republic xx


Country Date adopted Notes External link
Template:Country data whatever etc. a date XX XX