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Ministry of Foreign Investigations
Ministerstvo Zahranicních Šetrení
MZS logo.png
Intelligence Agency overview
Formed September 8th, 1920
Headquarters 001 Červená Louka, Liberec
Motto In Umbra Vivimus
We live in the shade
Employees Classified
(estimated 55-75 thousand)
Annual budget $8-12 Billion
Intelligence Agency executive
  • Vladislav Kremer, Director
Parent department None (independent)

The Ministerstvo Zahranicních Šetrení (English: Ministry of Foreign Investigations), known by its abbreviation as MZS is the foreign intelligence agency of the Republic of Pollona. As a part of Pollona's intelligence services, it coordinates with the VB (Homeland Security) and the Military Directorate for counter-intelligence. The agency is tasked with collecting, evaluating, and acting on foreign intel across Maredoratica. The MZS has its own sub-directorate for intelligence used by the Pollonan Military. The agency reports directly to the Cabinet and to the Office of the President.

The MZS is the hub of the nation's HUMINT and SIGINT activities, with special tactical divisions to carry out foreign operations. The MZS officially has no law enforcement functions, but exercises an unknown domestic presence. According to the organization's founding charter, the MZS is the only agency legally authorized to execute clandestine and covert operations at the behest of the Office of the President, in pursuance of specific "policy objectives". The agency's activities are protected by executive privilege, and is the only government agency exempt from Pollona's freedom of information laws. Critics of the MZS call it a "rogue agency", given its secrecy, lack of accountability, and history of claiming implied authorization.

Officially the MZS denies involvement in unlawful activities, claiming it acts acting only to protect the security of the Republic. However, the agency is alleged to be involved in acts of torture, extraordinary rendition, and coordinated bombings.




The official headquarters of the MZS is 1 Červená Louka in central Liberec, codenamed The Black Box. The building is known to have an extensive underground complex running several hundred feet underground. The agency denies the existence of the agency's headquarters, and refuses to acknowledge that the building even exists. In 2008, a member of Parliament exercised their parliamentary immunity to disclose the existence of 1 Červená Louka in a speech to the National Assembly, saying "I can confirm to the press and members of the public, that 1 Červená Louka is indeed, an official address. It is the site of a very large, visible building." However, it is rumored that "The Black Box" is not the true headquarters of the agency, and that instead MZS really operates out of Site Y, an unknown villa outside the city.

The MZS is governed by the Central Directorate and the Director of the MZS. The current Director is Vladislav Kremer. The MZS is divided into Sections (Sekce), which are organized by function, and governed by a Section chief. An intelligence leak in 2011 confirmed the existence and general function of the below sections.


  • Sekce 1: Administrative, Intelligence Liaison Division
  • Sekce 3: HUMINT
  • Sekce 4: SIGNIT
  • Sekce 6: Counter-intelligence, Cyberwarfare
  • Sekce 8: Operations
  • Sekce 9: Logistics
  • Sekce 12: Military intelligence


The MZS operational committees are known as Circles (Kruh), which draw on the resources of the individual sections. Each Circle reports to Central Directorate and is administered by an Operational Chief.

  • Kruh Nachový (Violet Circle): Northern Wilassia
  • Kruh Modrý (Blue Circle): Southern Wilassia
  • Kruh Zelená (Green Circle): Alisna
  • Kruh Černá (Black Circle): Borgosesia, Silgadin, Schaumburg
  • Kruh Červené (Red Circle): Questers
  • Kruh Zlato (Gold Circle): Alqosia
  • Kruh Bílý (White Circle): Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, & Satellite Weapons


Public knowledge of the MZS and its general range of activities exist, but its tactics are concealed by ridged secrecy. Most publicly available information on the agency post 2000 has come from two intelligence leaks, one in 2004 and one in 2011. Otherwise, agency activity is closely guarded by executive privilege. A report by the Government Oversight Committee in 2010 found the MZS redacted 98.9% of all documents released to the public, including content normally subject to the Freedom of Information Act 1983. In 2006 the Audit Commission won a 25 year old court case granting it the right to scrutinize the agency's spending, but only after agreeing to classify all content. A 2015 briefing by the Center for Maredoratic Security Policy concluded the agency maintains a separate network of informants on potential whistelblowers and double agents within the agency. After the 2011 intelligence breach, the MZS captured 30 enemy agents working within the MZS in Operation Mousetrap (Czech:Past). Press reports and Amnesty International claimed the spies were executed, tortured to insanity, or used in illegal scientific experiments.

Past MZS activities elevated tensions between Pollona and Borgosesia. During the 1960s the MZS was involved in assassinating anti-Pollonan leaders within the PNL, framing the Borgosesian Communist Party for the murders. In the late 1970s the MZS reversed its policy, actively aiding the regime in rooting out communist sympathizers.

The agency is known to prioritize counter-proliferation operations, particularly against states hostile to Pollona. The agency is said to be involved in a string of bombings against nuclear and chemical facilities.