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Magyars in Prekonate.png
Total population
c. 15 million
Regions with significant populations

 Prekonate:      c. 14.8 million

Other significant population centers:
 Sondstead 132,608
 Valcluse 46,627
 Morieux Cap-Métis 22,764
Sévéracois Catholic

Magyars are an ethnic group native to northern Wilassia, who predominately live in the Republic of Szendrő, an autonomous part of Prekonate. They are the third-largest minority in Prekonate after Karskars and Mongolics. Much smaller numbers of Magyars live in Sondstead and Cap-Métis.

Magyars have a long history of conflict with Prekovis and the state of Prekonate. The Prekovi government waged four unsuccessful wars against the Magyars in the 20th century. In 1999, the Magyar National Army agreed to partial disarmament in exchange for a sovereignty association agreement with Prekonate. The agreement gave the Magyar region Szendrő virtual independence as an internal republic within Prekonate. Since the agreement, there has been a sharp downturn in violence and anti-Magyar sentiment in Prekonate.