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The Maredoratic Development Forum is a biannual meeting of government and central bank officials from the 39 countries of Maredoratica. Its purpose is to foster economic discussion and cooperation, with a special focus on international development. Since 1997, working groups at the Forum have also focused on issues of international law and human rights.

Traditionally, the Forum's two yearly meetings are held in March and September. An open invitation is extended to every Maredoratic country recognized by at least half the attendees present at the previous meeting.


Establish and legitimize customs in public international law.

Past meetings


  •  Varnia - Varnia boycotted meetings of the Forum between 1987 and 1995 in protest against the invitation of representatives from Alanko. Alanko was an autonomous territory of Varnia at the time, administered by a Maredoratic League peacekeeping force, after a Varnian invasion in 1984. In 1986 Alanko reached the threshold of international recognition for invitation, leading to Varnia boycotting the meetings until an agreement on its independence was reached in 1994. Varnian public opinion of the Forum has also historically been low, and several public initiatives have unsuccessfully tried to restrict Varnian attendance to the meetings.