Maredoratic International Criminal Court

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The final organ of the ML, the Maredoratic International Criminal Court (MICC), is the body responsible for prosecution and subsequent sentencing of criminals considered by the court to have committed gross abuses of human rights. Though it requires the initial consent of the League Council and General Assembly to pursue an investigation, the MICC operates under its own auspices once the investigation is underway. Sentencing is the responsibility of a panel of judges in a tribunal; these judges are selected at random from a pool of available ML-salaried individuals. Their identities are not known prior to the beginning of the trial.

The General Assembly is responsible for approving the start of investigations, though the League Council may overturn this power with a majority vote. Once an investigation is underway, it is the duty of the Office of the Prosecutor to gather evidence and bring the case to trial; it is the responsibility of the law enforcement agencies of Maredoratic member-states to apprehend (if necessary) the accused and physically bring him or her to trial.

The panel of ten judges may not contain more than one judge from any one nation, and may not have their identities as future judges compromised. If they are, they may be replaced, with another judge chosen randomly. The accused is always represented by a legal counsel of their choosing, and the MICC itself has one of the most extensive lists of due process guarantees in Maredoratica.