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Skyline of Martigues
Country Van Luxemburg
Administrative Region Levallois-Perret
Canton Martigues
Founded 1376
 • Mayor Eugenia Poirier
Elevation 5
Population (2010)
 • Total 51,493
 • Density 0
Website http://www.martigues.vl/

Martigues is a town in the Van Luxemburger region of Levallois-Perret. It is the capital of the identically-named canton, as well as the only Van Luxemburger town with a road connection to a bordering nation, via the Beryl Bay Bridge.


The town is primarily centered around the ancient town centre, and the fishermen's port in the small bay. From a rock by the water, the fortress of Martigues overlooks the settlement, housing a permanent detachment of the Marechaussee, tasked with the border control and customs services in the village. The village surrounding the fortress is usually made up out of colourful townhouses along medieval streets, just wide enough to allow one-way automobile traffic.

The majority of the population however lives in the newly-constructed neighborhoods around Martigues, being Collioure and Les Bains. The neighborhoods were constructed in an architecture style that resembles historicism.


Martigues can be reached via the A6 Autobunn, and is also the gateway to Ruccola and Maredoratica via the Beryl Bay bridge, spanning the Marmorian Sea. This means it also has a railway station that is fairly large, relative to the town's size, as it is often the last (or first) stop in the Grand Duchy. This position as a transportation hub has also resulted in Martigues becoming the location for one of the larger Autobahnpolizei brigades in Levallois-Perret.

Martigues Agreement

The town gained international fame in 2003 as it was the scene of the signing of the Martigues Agreement, resulting in open borders between Van Luxemburg and Ruccola. The agreement was signed in the fortress of the town, with the Beryl Bay Bridge being opened just afterwards.

Regardless of the Martigues agreement, the A6 Autobunn still has a customs checkpoint located at the toll plaza near the bridge. The Marechaussee occasionally organises checks, as allowed under the agreement, to apprehend drug smugglers, car thieves and other criminals. However, when no checks are held at the toll plaza, all traffic can simply pass through at the normal speed limit.