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Mongolics in Prekonate.png
Total population
c. 22+X million
Regions with significant populations

 Prekonate:      c. 22 million

Other significant population centers:
 Valcluse X
Various Mongolic languages
Related ethnic groups
Sondsteadish Tatars, Narangols

Mongols (Mongolic: Mongolchuud), sometimes called Northern Mongols, are an Altaic people inhabiting northeastern Prekonate.



Status in Prekonate

Main article: Race in Prekonate

Discrimination against Mongols is legal and widely practiced in Prekonate. "Mongolic" is a legal status defined by the Second Division, Ch. 10 of the Provisions of Opava, and applied to persons of Mongolic ancestry, or whose skulls meet certain dimensions. Mongolics have significantly fewer legal rights and protections than non-Mongolics.


Mongolic persons are excluded from voting, serving in government, and working for the civil service. They are also practically excluded from the legal profession, because they are not permitted to bring suit against non-Mongolics without using non-Mongolic legal counsel.

Numerous statutes, as well as several articles of the Provisions of Opava, impose harsher criminal penalties on Mongolics than other citizens for the same crimes.


The government has no legal obligation to provide education for Mongolics. Because of the geography and great distances in eastern Prekonate, many Mongolics are homeschooled. Few state schools exist.


Sexual intercourse between Mongolics and non-Mongolics is illegal. In the autonomous regions where most Mongolics live, these penalties are light and rarely enforced. In the krajs and republics of western Prekonate, penalties range from fines to capital punishment.