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Náprost AS
Akciová společnost
Traded as NPRS
Industry Oil and gas
Founded 1944
Headquarters Ostrava, Prekonate
Key people
Andrej Pokorny, Chairman
Libor Kovář, Vice-chairman
Products Crude oil, natural gas, and refined oil products
Production output
9.5 Mbbl/d
Services Oil and gas pipeline transport, oil refining
Revenue Template:Profit$146.05 billion (2013)
Profit Template:Loss$39.12 billion (2013)
Number of employees
Website http://www.naprost.pko/

Náprost AS, an initialism of rodní příská ropná společnost (English: National Prekovi Oil Company), is Maredoratica's largest producer of crude oil and natural gas, and the second-largest oil refiner behind Imperial Oil. It is a publicly traded firm with 75% of its shares owned by the Prekovi government, and another 15% sold exclusively to Prekovi citizens. Its headquarters are in Ostrava, Prekonate.