National Convention of Morieux

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National Convention
Convention nationale
Monique Duclerc, Parti Révolutionnaire
Since 01 June 2009
Seats 925
Political groups
Government of the Republic

Opposition Bloc

Other Opposition

Last election
09 May 2016
Meeting place
File:National Convention of Morieux.jpg
Hôtel du Assemblée, Saint-Lô
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The National Convention (French:Convention nationale ) is the unicameral legislature of Morieux originally established by the Constitution of the First Morivaine Republic in 1727, and since reaffirmed by the Constitutions of the Second and Third Republics in 1872 and 1945. It is located in Saint-Lô and is comprised of 925 "Members of the Convention (MC)" elected to office every six years.

The Convention is led by the First Citizen of Morieux who is duly elected by the majority of the members of the National Convention to act as both head of state and head of government of Morieux. All governmental organizations, committees, and ministries are directly subordinate to the National Convention, excluding the High Court of Morieux. All government ministers and committee chairs must be elected members of the National Convention.

Following the 2016 election, five parties are represented in the National Convention: Parti Révolutionnaire (261), Bloc libéral démocrate(236), Mouvement solidaire (223), Ralliement national (117), and Parti communiste (88). Monique Duclerc has been First Citizen since 2009, though the ruling coalition between the PR and MS was formed in 2016.


Legislative functions

Chamber of the National Convention used by the Committee for Public Safety


Standing Committees

Committee for Public Safety

The Committee for Public Safety is comprised of the First Citizen and fourteen other delegates of the National Convention. These delegates head several of the most important ministries of government, such as the Ministry and Committee of/for Justice, Ministry of War and Committee for War and Peace, and Ministry and Committee of/for Foreign Relations. Other members of the Committee for Public Safety are the heads of the Committee for State Security and the Committee for Economic Security. These fifteen members of the National Convention are charged with acting as the decision making and executive body of the Morivaine government.

Committee for Economic Security

Committee for War and Peace

Committee for State Security

Committee for Public Justice

Committee for Foreign Relations

Committee for Common Welfare

Committee for Public Education

Committee for the Development of the Republic

Committee for Public Information

Committee for the Exploration of Space

Select Committees

Committee for the Security of Liberal Maredoratica

Special Committee for Wartime Conduct

Special Committee for Crimes Against the Republic

Defunct Committees

Committee for General Security

Committee for the Colonies

Committee for Telecommunications

Special Committee for the Restoration of the Malouines

Special Committee for Wartime Misconduct in the Malouines

Special Committee for Military Harmonization

Special Committee for Decolonization

Special Committee for Economic and Domestic Recovery

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