National Guard of Morieux

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National Guard
la Garde nationale
Active 1727
Country  Morieux
Type Army
Size 410,770 active
4,875,717 reserve
Motto(s) Gloire aux héros, mort à nos ennemis, la révolution - avant tout!
Chief of the Combined Staffs Marshal Paul Yves de Lavalette
Chief of Staff of the National Guard General Georges Lanrezac

The National Guard (French: la Garde nationale) is the standing army of the Third Morivaine Republic. It is the largest branch of the Armed Forces of the Morivaine Republic. It can trace its roots back to the founding of the First Free Republican Army under Robert Charles Darlan during the Morivaine Revolution in 1727. Unlike the Marine republicaine it does not consider to be the descendant of its royal counterpart, the Royal Morivaine Army. It was officially created by act of the National Convention on 15 May 1727.

As a uniformed military service, the Morivaine National Guard is one of the constituent parts of the Morivaine War Ministry. The National Guard is headed by the Chief of Staff of the National Guard, currently Georges Lanrezac, who reports to the the Chief of the Combined Staffs and the Ministry of War. As of 2014 the National Guard has a reported strength of 312,950 active soldiers and 4,875,717 reservists in the Republican Guard. The mision of the National Guard is to "defend the Morivaine Republic from all enemies, foreign and domestic, to fight and win the Republic's wars, and to cooperate with all other security services to achieve the safety and security of the Republic." The National Guard is deployed to many different conflict zones around the world and is the ground-based offensive and defensive force of the Morivaine Republic.




The Morivaine National Guard traces its history back to the creation of the Free Republican Army by Robert Charles Darlan in the lead up to the Morivaine Revolution. The force was legalized and regularized into a unified army for the Morivaine Republic by act of the National Convention on XX May, 1727, with Robert Charles Darlan confirmed as its commander. The Free Republican Army was primarily led by amateur commanders and some former officers in the Morivaine Royal Army.

Stuff here about the REvolutionary Wars and the Campaign of Restoration

19th Century

Taimyr War, Invasion of Maalukhir, War in Valcluse, idk?

20th Century

Great War, Intervention in Moravian Civil War?, Ruccolan Independence, First Intifada, Malouines War, Second Intifada, Defense of Cote d'Or

21st Century

International interventions in Karaman and Hervenbosch

National Service

Levee en masse proves a tad difficult post-19th century so Morieux decided to make it a little better with the creation of the Republican Guard in 19xx.


Structure & doctrine

23 brigades

Operational Theory

choc et effroi



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Foreign deployments

Karaman/Cote d'Or/Rochehaut

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