Navy of the Morivaine Republic

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Marine republicaine
Ensign of the Marine republicaine
Founded 1610, Royal Morivaine Navy
Current form 1943
Service branches Naval Aviation
Headquarters Sétif
First Citizen of Morieux Monique Duclerc
Chief Admiral of the Republican Navy Jean-François Dupont
Reaching military
age annually
(2012 est.)
Active personnel 230,498
Reserve personnel 58,676

The Republican Navy, or Marine republicaine in French, is the naval arm of the Armed Forces of Morieux.



Organization strength


The size and international commitments of the Republican Navy have led to the establishment of a wide variety of naval installations in Morieux and across Maredoratica. While the Navy's largest bases are located in the metropole and the Setif Departments, it maintains a larger number of bases in many of Morieux's overseas territories and allied states.



Mers El Kébir


Ile du Diable

Ile du Diable, Rochehaut is Morieux's largest international base. The base was established as the main coaling station for Morivaine shipping in the southern and eastern Maredoratica and was turned into the home base of the Pearl Sea Squadron shortly before the Great Maredoratic War. In the following decades, the base was expanded to include major dry dock facilities, naval air stations, and marine training bases. Currently the Ile du Diable is home to:


Morieux has been granted access to the Jungastian naval facilities at Ilha de Santa Helena. It is currently home to:

Cote d'Or

The Morivaine Naval Base at Fort Saint-Louis, Cote d'Or is home to:



Future Borgosesian Naval Base


Picture Vessel Class Origin Role Entered service Number in service Tonnage Remarks
Aircraft Carriers
US Navy 060222-N-0780F-005 The Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) arrives for a logistics stop on the Greek island of Crete.jpg Liberté class aircraft carrier  Morieux Fleet carrier 1975 6 106,300 Nuclear powered fleet carrier capable of supporting eighty-five to ninety planes and helicopters. They are the largest and most powerful ships of the Republican Navy. Expected to be replaced by the Future Carrier Project by 2020.
Charles de Gaulle p1150213.jpg Zinaire class light carrier  Morieux Light carrier 2001 4 42,000
Future Carrier Project.jpg Future Carrier Project  Morieux Fleet Carrier 2020 (Projected) 8 (Projected) 110,000 The Future Carrier Project is in varying stages of completion and the ships are expected to enter service in 2020, replacing the Liberté class carriers currently in service with the Navy of the Morivaine Republic.
Moselle class cruiser.png Moselle class cruiser  Morieux Multi-role cruiser 1999 11 9,050
Admiral class battlecruiser.PNG Allier class battlecruiser  Morieux Fleet defense cruiser 1990 11 36,000
Chevalier Paul (D 621).jpg Résistance class frigate  Morieux Air-defense destroyer 2004 35 7,050
Surcouf-IMG 8454.jpg Challe class frigate  Morieux Guided missile frigate 1994 23 3,600
FS Casabianca 02.jpg Malouines class submarine  Morieux Nuclear attack submarine 1983 12 2,600
USS North Carolina DVIDS101131.jpg Morin class submarine  Morieux Nuclear attack submarine 2000 7 7,900 6 more are in various stages of production.
Temeraire1048.jpg Terrible class submarine  Morieux Nuclear ballistic missile submarine 1997 3 12,640 3 more are in various stages of production.
DN-SC-87-06989.jpg Ocean class support ship  Morieux Fleet tanker 8 Supports ships at sea with at-sea replenishment of supplies, fuel, and munitions.
100120-N-4995K-038 The Military Sealift Command hospital ship USNS Comfort is anchored off the coast of Haiti to support Operation Unified Response.jpg Honneur class hospital ship  Morieux Hospital ship 1976 4
Amphibious assault ships
Mistral mg 6106.jpg Mayenne class amphibious assault ship  Morieux Amphibious assault ship 2005 12 21,300 Capable of housing 1,894 marines and the equipment necessary to bring them ashore.
Sagittaire M650 Katajanokka 07.JPG Tripartite class minehunter  Morieux Minelayer 1981 12 605
Patrol Boats
JMSDF - JS Kumataka (PG-827) - Starboard Beam View.jpg Loti class patrol boat  Morieux Patrol boat 2002 25


Picture Name Origin Role Number in service Remarks
Dassault Rafale on USS Dwight D. Eisenhower.jpg Duval Aéronautique Flèche  Morieux Omnirole fighter 350 The Duval Aéronautique Flèche is the mainstay aircraft for the Marine republicaine. The aircraft is capable of handling both air interception and strike fighting roles due to its versatile nature and ability to use a multitude of different weapons. It is equipped with an AESA radar and features a reduced radar cross-section (RCS) and infra-red signature.
Mirage IIIV.jpg Duval Aéronautique Flèchette  Morieux Multirole VTOL fighter. 370 The Flèchette is a multirole VTOL fighter that has been in service with the Marine republicaine since the early 1980s. It's VTOL capability has seen it primarily used on the light carriers of the Marine republicaine thanks to it s agile, speedy, and tough nature. Like the Duval Flèche, the Flèchette is capable of carrying a multitude of different weapons, making it capable of SEAD, anti-shipping, anti-air, and close air support operations.
Dassault Super Etendard, France - Navy JP6722433.jpg Loire Rapière  Morieux Strike aircraft 325 The is a small, single-engined, mid-winged aircraft with an all-metal structure with swept wings. It is capable of carrying a wide variety of air to ground missiles, including anti-ship missiles and nuclear tipped missiles. It also serves as a close air support and reconnaissance aircraft for the Marine republicaine. Modern upgrades have seen the introduction of laser designators and integrated night vision goggles for the pilots.
RA-5Cs RVAH-12 CVW-3 NAN8-79.jpg SA Lance I  Morieux Strike aircraft
Electronic Warfare Aircraft
The Lance I is a medium sized supersonic interdiction bomber of the Marine republicaine. It features swept wings, afterburning turbofan engines, and automated terrain-following radar for low-level, high-speed flight. It is capable of carrying a large payload with a variety of weapons. It remains the largest carrier-borne aircraft in Morivaine history.
Support Aircraft
US Navy 040810-N-6213R-038 An E-2C Hawkeye assigned to the Black Eagles of Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron One One Three (VAW-113).jpg Loire Fratercula  Morieux AWACS 100 The Loire Fratercula is the AWAC aircraft for the Marine republicaine, giving it over the horizon coverage and serves to guide and control airborne operations of Morivaine carriers.
C-2A NP-2000 USS Carl Vinson 2009.jpg Loire Pèlerin  Morieux COD 100 Main cargo aircraft of the Marine republicaine.
Lockheed CP-140 Canada 140102 ETNG.jpg Lafayette Apterygiformes  Morieux Maritime Patrol aircraft 83
167955 Boeing P-8A Poseidon US Navy VX-1 (14699752943).jpg Lafayette Émeu  Morieux Maritime Patrol aircraft 7 (66 planned)
USS Bagley (FF-1069) refueling SH-3.jpg SA Pélican  Morieux Transport/multipurpose helicopter 260 The Pélican has been the main helicopter of the Marine republicaine for decades. It serves in a number of roles, such as search and rescue, anti-submarine warfare, transportation, and AEW.
US Navy 080730-N-5384B-013 he Royal New Zealand Navy SH-2G Sea Sprite prepares to land aboard the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72).jpg SA 2 Stercorariidae  Morieux Multipurpose helicopter 345 Primarily used for ASW missions.