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The Office of Combined Operations (OCO, or Combined Operations) is a non-ministerial department of the Questarian government which reports directly to the Cabinet Office, without a specific minister in charge. The chief of OCO is the Director-General of Combined Operations. The current Director-General is Marcus Hope. The Office of Combined Operations was formed in early 2017 and took over most of the personnel and resources from the now-defunct Department for Strategy.

Combined Operations operates in a space in the machinery of government between an executive agency and ministerial department; its full-time personnel are all civil servants but a Combined Operations Headquarters can include personnel from any and all government agencies, including civil servants. Combined Operations does not operate with ranks although for the purposes of specific operations has the power to grant specific personnel ranks equivalent.

Officers of the Combined Operations can, by approval of the Cabinet Office, be granted subpoenas to take command of national resources, installations, and organisations, and to access any information possible. The purpose of Combined Operations is to make a single, unified command structure with clear civilian political direction for the achieving of any, including non-military, political goals. It has been called an instrument of foreign policy.