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Ostrava night.jpg
Flag of Ostrava
Coat of arms of Ostrava
Coat of arms
Motto: Ostrava vítězí
Prekovi: Ostrava prevails
Country  Prekonate
City-state Ostrava
Settled 780
Charter 1265
 • City 2,204
Highest elevation 580
Lowest elevation 85
Population (2015)
 • City 6,996,167
 • Density 0
 • Metro 15,429,510
 • Metro density 0
Demonym(s) Ostravan
Time zone UTC+2
 • Summer (DST) UTC+3 (UTC)

Ostrava is the capital and largest city of Prekonate, and one of the largest cities in Maredoratica. Ostrava dominates political, economic, and scientific life in Prekonate. It is located at the confluence of the Tepla and Volyňka rivers, in the densely-populated Prekovi Basin.

Ostrava is the most northerly capital city in Maredoratica. It has been the seat of Prekonate's government since 1642, when the country was confederated. All of Prekonate's major state institutions are headquartered in Ostrava.

For hundreds of years Ostrava was known as the "Gateway to the North," because of its strategic location adjacent to the resource-rich Prekovi Shield. The Ostravan economy was traditionally dominated by heavy industries making use of these resources, such as manufacturing and refining. The importance of heavy industry has diminished over the last 30 years, but Ostrava remains a distinctly industrial city. It enjoys strong economic and demographic growth, owing largely to migration from the rural Prekovi Basin, and state investment.

The Ostrava region is an important economic hub for Northeast Maredoratica, accounting for x percent of Wilassian GDP. It is a major regional supplier of raw and finished products, and of legal and consulting services for investors accessing markets in the rest of Prekonate.

Ostrava is home to many of Prekonate's major cultural institutions, such as the iconic National Heroes' Gallery. However, it has significantly fewer of these institutions per capita than Prekonate's second-largest city, Opava.