Parti Révolutionnaire

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Revolutionary Party
Parti Révolutionnaire
Leader Monique Duclerc
Founded 13 May 1727
Headquarters Saint-Lô
Youth wing Mouvement du 23 août
Ideology Péretism
Colors Navy
Seats in National Convention 408
Election symbol
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The Parti Révolutionnaire (English: Revolutionary Party) is a radical centrist party in Morieux. Led by Monique Duclerc, the party is the largest party in the National Convention of Morieux, with 408 seats, and currently serving as the lead party of the PR-BLD coalition. The party was first formed at the star of the Morivaine Revolution in 1727, when radical members of the Estates-General voted to abolish the Kingdom of Morieux. The party has traditionally be an extremely powerful force in Morivaine politics and is the only political party to hold offices in the First, Second, and Third Morivaine republics.

Since the formation of the Third Republic the PR has been a bastion of Péretism in Morivaine politics. The exact political nature of the PR has been hotly debated by scholars across Maredoratica, with some claiming that the PR is a state party with right wing views while others contend that it is a left-leaning internationalist party, which has led to its classification as a "radical centrist" party.



The Parti Révolutionnaire dates back to the founding of the First Republic of Morieux when members of the National Convention officially abolished the Morivaine Monarchy and established Morieux as a republic. The party was formed by commoners and radical clergymen who were represented the First and Third Estates in the National Convention, though a few progressive members of the nobility also would later join the movement. During the early years of the First Republic, particularly during the years of armed struggle between Morivaine royalists and supporters of the Republican government, the PR was essentially the only political party in Morieux. It is widely considered to be the oldest political party in Maredoratica.

The First Morivaine Republic was essentially a single party state ruled by the Parti Révolutionnaire, though the PR never moved to ban or otherwise influence the formation (or lack thereof) of political parties. Many politicians of the era preferred to work within the PR or the Committee for General Security in order to influence policy rather than using direct appeals to the electorate through different party platforms. Between 1727 and 1890, the PR commanded at least 80% of the seats in the National Convention and the Committee for General Security. The party was able to maintain a high profile across Morivaine society by using a variety of party-influence or owned newspapers that served as vehicles for extended inter-party discourse and information party doctrine.

Notable Members