People's Party of the UDSC

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People's Party of Jumieges
Le Parti dès jons de l'ÙDSC
General Secretary Théogène Vyeubwa
Chairperson of the People's Forum Caroline Schön
Founded 14 August 2016
Headquarters 1230 Plaza Belsches, Pioche, T.C.
Membership 12,098,229 (2017)
Ideology Socialism,
Political position Far-left
Slogan Nou sondes lès jons, lès jons sond nou!
("We are the people, the people are we!")
People's Forum
213 / 213

The People's Party of the UDSC (Jumiensch: Le Parti dès jons de l'ÙDSC) (PJ or PJÙDSC), is the founding, ruling and only political party of the Union of Democratic Social Corpities. It was founded by Théogène Vyeubwa (current President of the UDSC and General Secretary of the People's Party) and Germaine Rapace (current People's Representative of the UDSC) in the summer of 2016, and emerged from the militant group known as the Mouvèmon Ruge.

History and links with the Mouvèmon Ruge

Organisational structure and grass roots

Notable policies

Criticisms and opposition

Party leader(s)

  • Théogène Vyeubwa (2016 – present)