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The Peoples Volunteer Units (PVU), formerly Peoples Defence Units (PDU), is a reserve militia force administered by the Questarian Communist Party. Once mobilised, the PVU falls under either the Combined Forces command or a Combined Operations Headquarters. The PVU has its origins in the Communist Party's armed wing, the Peoples Defence Units, which fought in the Questarian Revolution and were afterwards put under the same command structure as the Questarian Army during the Combined Forces reforms. Peoples Volunteer Units have a civil defence as well as explicitly military purpose and have occasionally been deployed during floods or as extra security for special events. Peoples Volunteer Units have served overseas in a humanitarian capacity.

Peoples Volunteer Units have a separate internal command structure, rank system, and personnel roster to the regular Army, but fall under the same operational high command. Peoples Volunteer Units are divided into Battalions, Brigade Groups, and Divisions; Battalions and Brigade Groups are operational units and Divisions are area units. As of 2017 there at least twelve Volunteer Divisions and twenty Volunteer Brigades. Personnel are members of the Communist Party youth organisations and may apply to join the Peoples Volunteer Units instead of the ordinary two-year national service. Membership of the PVU lasts eight years, with promotions and renewals available, and personnel can be expected to serve up to one month per year.

As of 2016, there were approximately 205,000 members of the PVU, of which around ten percent were active at a given time. The budget for the PVU in the 2016-2017 year was estimated at $14.5 billion. The Chief of the Peoples Volunteer Units is formally the Chief Secretary of the Communist Party, and the professional head is the Marshal of the Volunteers. The PVU falls under Republican Security and is represented at Combined Operations Command by a Chief Commander. The PVU elects its field officers; staff officers attend the regular forces staff colleges.




Volunteers train with their individual weapon, the Rifle 85.



A Division is a regional military unit of the PVU, sometimes considered as a garrison or a redoubt unit. Divisions contain between six and ten battalions of infantry as well as attached units like artillery and engineers, and are organised and deployed around specific geographical areas. As of 2017, at least three Volunteer Divisions are based around the Beam river, with a further two in Jesselton.

  • 1st Peoples Volunteer Division
  • 2nd Peoples Volunteer Division
  • 10th Peoples Volunteer Division
  • 27th Peoples Volunteer Division
  • 28th Peoples Volunteer Division
  • 29th Peoples Volunteer Division
  • 30th Peoples Volunteer Division
  • 59th Peoples Volunteer Division
  • 60th Peoples Volunteer Division
  • 192nd Peoples Volunteer Division
  • 225th Peoples Volunteer Division
  • 303rd Peoples Volunteer Division


A Brigade is an operational unit of the PVU which ordinary contains two-four battalions of infantry, a headquarters and logistics unit, a company of engineers, a reconnaissance company, and a light artillery company. These units can be bolstered by subunits drafted from regional divisions, especially if they are sent overseas.

  • 3 Volunteer Mechanised Brigade (3VMB)
  • 4 Volunteer Mechanised Brigade (4VMB)
  • 5 Volunteer Mechanised Brigade (5VMB)
  • 21 Volunteer Mechanised Brigade (21VMB)
  • 35 Volunteer Mechanised Brigade (35VMB)
  • 7 Volunteer Cavalry Brigade (7VCB)
  • 8 Volunteer Cavalry Brigade (8VCB)
  • 9 Volunteer Cavalry Brigade (9VCB)
  • 1 Volunteer Brigade (1VB)
  • 2 Volunteer Brigade (2VB)
  • 6 Volunteer Brigade (6VB)
  • 10 Volunteer Brigade (10VB)
  • 11 Volunteer Brigade (11VB)
  • 22 Volunteer Brigade (22VB)
  • 23 Volunteer Brigade (23VB)
  • 25 Volunteer Brigade (25VB)
  • 45 Volunteer Brigade (45VB)
  • 40 Volunteer Brigade (40VB)
  • 49 Volunteer Brigade (49VB)
  • 90 Volunteer Redoubt Brigade (90VRB)
  • 92 Volunteer Redoubt Brigade (92VRB)




Rank Marshal of Volunteers Chief Commander Group Commander Division Commander Brigade Commander Brigade Deputy Battalion Commander Battalion Deputy Troop Commander Troop Deputy Unit Commander
Army Equiv. Field Marshal General/Lt-General Col-General Mj-General Bg-General Brigadier Colonel Lt-Colonel Major Captain Lieutenant
Command Whole PVU Military Region Group of Forces Division Brigade Group Brigade 2IC Battalion Battalion Company Company/Platoon Platoon

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