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Pollonan Republic Air Force
Vzdušné síly Ploňá Republika
Founded November 9th 1915
(As the Létání Síla)
22 July 1920
(present form)
Country Pollona Republic of Pollona
Allegiance Basic Law of Pollona
Branch Air force
Size 45,000 personnel
775 Aircraft
Part of Pollonan Armed Forces
Motto(s) Latin: A caelo usque ("from the sky")
Mascot Eagle
Minister of Defense Konrád Ales
Chief of Staff
(Military Directorate)
Edvard Havalč
Secretary of the PRAF Bronislav Kopecky
Operations Commander Samuel Kašpar
Roundel (left) and LV (right) 100px
Aircraft flown
Bomber HVKS Sup
Mičovice Mič-95,
Fighter HVKS A-5 Sokol
Multirole helicopter FNPA Felix
Trainer helicopter Kip-Kip 11
Utility helicopter NH-90
Reconnaissance BV-I 22
Trainer PKR AA Jeřáb , HVKS Z-1 Labut
Transport C.50, A400M
Carenado CAC-6 Ocelot

The Pollonan Republic Air Force (PRAF), (Czech: Vzdušné síly Ploňá Republika or VPR), also known as the Pollonan Air Force, is the aerial warfare service branch of the Pollonan Armed Forces. The PRAF is responsible for securing the integrity of the Pollonan Republic's airspace, maintaining close air support with the Pollonan Army, and for monitoring transportation missions including government and state priority flights. It wields a supporting roles with the Pollonan Navy, which has its own maritime aircraft.

The PRAF is headed by its own Secretariat and staff, and is represented on the Military Directorate. The Air Force numbers at just over 45,000 personnel, making it the smallest branch of the Pollonan Military. In total the PRAF operates over 750 aircraft, including cargo and utility planes, helicopters, and trainers, and UAVs.



The precursor to the PRAF, known as the Létání Pobočka, (Flying Branch) was founded by the Moravian Empire in 1915 during the Great Maredoratic War, as a subset of the Imperial Army.

Malounies War

Modern Day



Aircraft List

Aircraft Photo Origin Type Versions Quantity Notes
Combat aircraft
HVKS A-5 Sokol 180px  Pollona Multirole Aircraft A-5X
HVKS Sup 180px  Pollona Ground-Attack Aircraft IL-1 45
Reconnaissance/Electronic Warfare Aircraft
Mičovice Mič-95 Tupolev Tu-95 Bear side view aft 1984.jpg  Prekonate Electronic Warfare Aircraft Mič-95MS 4 Imported Prekovi Mič-95s refitted for EW purposes.
BV-I 22 180px  Pollona Reconnaissance Aircraft BI-V 22G 13
Transport Aircraft
C.50 C-160 landing on strip 2007.JPEG  Berry Transport Aircraft 25
A400M Airbus A400M EC-404 MSN 004 at Seville.jpg  Van Luxemburg Transport aircraft 10
Carenado CAC-6 Ocelot 180px  Rochehaut Utility H-3 8
NH-90 Fallschiermjeeer.jpg  Van Luxemburg HelicopterUtility/Search and Rescue Helicopter 50
Rousseau HT-87 Ht87.jpg  Van Luxemburg HelicopterUtility/Search and Rescue Helicopter/Transport 24
FNPA Felix Bulgarian cougar (cropped).jpg  Berry Medium weight multipurpose helicopter 31
PKR AA Jeřáb 180px  Pollona Trainer Aircraft AA1 170
HVKS Z-1 Labut 180px  Pollona Trainer Aircraft Z-1 20
Kip-Kip 11 180px  Pollona Trainer Helicopter 11D 15
P-3 Rozsudek 180px  Pollona unmanned reconnaissance aircraft B Unknown
GFI Sova 180px  Pollona unmanned reconnaissance aircraft 3E Unknown