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The Army of the Pollonan Republic, (Czech: Armáda Ploná Republika), initialized as APR, is the ground warfare branch of the Pollonan Armed Forces, the Vojenský. Formal command of the Army falls to the Lieutenant-Governor, currently Josef Laszlo, and the Chief of Staff of the Military Directorate, Edvard Havalč.

Pollonan polities have had militaries for centuries, but the APR was formed out of the Imperial Moravian Army, which fought in the Great Maredoratic War and the Pollonan Revolution. The bulk of the APR is today stationed on the border of Questers. The APR commands ~400,000 active troops and 480,000 reserves. A larger section of citizen militas, collectively known as the Republican Guard (Republikánská Garda), act as a pseudo-military reserve. These reserve militias number about 190,000.

Pollona has a robust military research and development sector, developing much of its own military equipment, and has long-term partnerships with Varnia and Berry in both military research and training. APR Expenditure in 2015 amounted to $67 billion, equivalent to 2.75% of GDP.

According to the Morivaine Groupe pour l'observation militaire, the APR is "the only ground force in Alisna capable of challenging the Questarian Combined Forces", which are also the Vojenský's primary hypothetical antagonist. The Pollonan Army has been a volunteer army since 1977, when conscription was phased out.




The Pollonan Army is divided into four Military Districts (Czech: vojenský okruh):

  • Northern Military District, bordering Questers,
  • Western Military District, bordering the Fleckenwalder mountains and Styria and Jumieges,
  • Southern Military District, bordering Borgosesia,
  • Central Military District, with the interior of the country and the coastline.

These units are controlled by the General Headquarters, commanded by the Chief of Staff of the Army, who exercises direct control of the Army. As part of the Pollonan military, the Army is directed by the joint-service headquarters, the Military Directorate, which is led by the Chief of Staff of the Military Directorate.

Pollonan field units are divided into Corps (Czech: sbor). The Pollonan Army consists of five Corps. The main tactical unit is the Division. Divisions are approximately 15,000 men strong. There are three kinds of Divisions (Czech: divize):

  • Tank Division (tankový divize)
  • Motorised Rifle Division (motorizovaná střelec divize)
  • Light Division (lehký divize)

These are made up of a varying number of regiments (pluk) which are titled the same. The Pollonan Army also has a number of independent parachute rifle (padák střelec) and mountain rifle (horský střelec) brigades (brigáda) as well as artillery brigades (dělostřelecký brigáda) tasked with defending Port Brno and Liberec. At present Pollona can field twelve divisions and eight independent brigades. These are:

  • 1. tankový divize 'Lubomír Klima'
  • 8. tankový divize 'George Ruziska'
  • 12. tankový divize 'Fredric Bevalc'
  • 15. tankový divize
  • 38. tankový divize
  • 2. motorizovaná střelec divize
  • 5. motorizovaná střelec divize
  • 7. motorizovaná střelec divize
  • 19. motorizovaná střelec divize
  • 36. motorizovaná střelec divize
  • 207. motorizovaná střelec divize
  • 3. lehký divize
  • 225. padák střelec brigáda
  • 284. padák střelec brigáda
  • 14. horský střelec brigáda
  • 20. horský střelec brigáda
  • 65. horský střelec brigáda
  • 191. horský střelec brigáda
  • 10. dělostřelecký brigáda
  • 11. dělostřelecký brigáda

Pollona has between 18 and 24 reserve divisions, depending on source. According to the Maredoratic Strategic Studies Institute, there were 20 reserve divisions in 2014. The Gallan Military Academy Karlskrona's World Military Forces publication listed Pollonan reserves at 22 divisions and 6 brigades in 2015.

Training and doctrine


  • obrněný přepravce strelec (OPS): Armoured rifleman carrier
  • mechanizovaný bitva přepravce (MBP): Mechanised battle carrier

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