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The Prekovi Armed Forces (commonly called the OSPR for Ozbrojené síly Příské republiky, literally Armed Forces of the Prekovi Republic) comprise the three military services of the Prekovi Republic: the Prekovi Army, Navy, and Air Forces. They are responsible for defending the country from foreign attack, protecting its interests abroad, and preventing domestic insurrection in conjunction with the Special Purpose Battalions.

Prekonate spent $494 billion on defense in 2015, making it the top military spender in the region. In recent years, significant amounts of money have been spent on modernizing old equipment and designing new training regimens for the air force and navy. Since 1983, surplus military equipment has been sold in bulk to Alqosian countries, particularly Maalukhir.

History and tradition

Prekonate begins its steady march toward world domination

The OSPR was founded at the same time as the Prekovi Republic. It traces its lineage to the various armies and navies of pre-confederate Prekonate. The Republic of Prekonate Navy's name, ranks, medals, and (lack of) ship prefixes were inherited mostly from the Republic of Opava Navy. The Prekovi Army derives most of its traditions, especially that of the independent General Staff, from the armed forces of the Duchy of Ostrava. Many individual regiments have likewise inherited the traditions of pre-confederate armies.

The most enduring tradition is that of defeating the Mongolic peoples of northern Wilassia. Battles against the Mongols, especially the Battle of the Teplá River, occupy a central place in Prekovi military tradition, and are routinely celebrated by military parade.


The modern Prekovi Army uniform is called the Standard Combat Uniform (SCU-92). It consists of green, brown, and tan swatches in a lizard pattern. It is worn with the iconic flared Standard Combat Helmet (SCH), the first iteration of which was issued in 1928. Bulletproof jackets are not worn, but the SCU includes a Kevlar plate over the front torso.

Dress uniforms are charcoal grey with a colored trim. The Prekovi Army wears a white trim, the Republic of Prekonate Navy a gold trim, and the Prekovi Air Forces a blue trim. Medals are worn on the left breast.


In Prekonate, warfare is viewed as a means of achieving political objectives. The military is tightly interwoven with the state bureaucracy. The armed forces are organized for flexibility, and can be set on diverse tasks such as deterrence, regional pacification, internal policing, and low-intensity warfare.

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