Prekovi Army

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Prekovi Army
Armáda Příské republiky
Naval Ensign of Russia.svg
Active 1642 - present
Country  Prekonate
Type Army
Size 1,750,000 active personnel
March Fučík op. 211

The Prekovi Army (Prekovi: Armáda Příské republiky; literally, Army of the Prekovi Republic) is the land component of the Prekovi Armed Forces. It numbers 1,750,000 troops. The Chancellor of Prekonate, presently Michal Havlicek, is the supreme commander of the Army. Funding comes from the Ministry of Defense.

The Prekovi Army was established in 1642, when Prekonate was confederated. It expanded during the 19th century, when Prekonate subjugated the Mongolic tribes of northern Wilassia. Today, the Army performs the dual tasks of national defense and internal security, the latter in conjunction with the ČPR.


General Staff of the Prekovi Army

Officially, the Prekovi Army consists of 60 brigades of approximately equal size and readiness. Its all-brigade structure has been in place since the army reforms of 2016. Prior to the reforms, the army consisted of 110 divisions. Because the transition from divisions to brigades is not complete, many of Prekonate's forces remain in their pre-reform units.


Prekovi conscripts drilling with weapons

All fit Kirilic men serve for a three year period of conscription, beginning at age 17. Conscripts are discharged from the armed forces after their contracts are complete. Over 95% of the Prekovi Army is conscripted.

Prekovis make up a large majority of the officer corps. Mongol and Magyar soldiers were used as mercenaries until conscription was introduced in 1839. They have been exempt from conscription since 1865.