Questarian-Varnian War (1942)

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Questarian-Varnian War (1942)
Date15th August 1942 - March 11th 1944
  • Questers gains parts of southern Varnia in Treaty of Hammerfest
  • Boaga gains control of disputed villages in the Andalak Mountains from Varnia
  • Massive uprisings in Questers
  • Varnia begins universal conscription
Questers Questers
1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 8th Army Groups
600,000 men (1942)
3.5 million men (1943)
1000 tanks (1942)
4,500 tanks (1943)
120 warplanes (1942)
800 warplanes (1943)
6th Division (1942)
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th Armies(1943)
60,000 men (1942)
450,000 men (1943)
Casualties and losses
450,000 KIA
400,000 wounded
46,000 KIA
64,000 wounded

The Questarian-Varnian War, known as the Patriotic War (before 2001) or the War of 1942 (after 2001) in Questers and the Disastrous War in Varnia, was a war fought between Questers and Boaga against Varnia between 1942 and 1943, mainly over ethnic tension in the border regions of Varnia. The war was a pyrrhic victory for Questers, who although won territory from Varnia in the Treaty of Hammerfest, took heavy losses that later fomented political dissent. The war had far-reaching political implications for all three countries, and would define their relationship for the remainder of the century until the Treaty of Duffield normalised relations and returned the territory taken from Varnia in the Treaty of Hammerfest. The war began on December 25th, 1942 and ended on March 11th, 1944.

Questers lost a large amount of land to Varnia in the Great Maredoratic War and spent the 1920s and 1930s re-arming and forming a mechanised army. The war began on Christmas Day, when Questers, citing racial discrimination against English-speakers in Varnia, launched a general offensive, when most Varnian soldiers would be at home with their families and the country would be less prepared. In January of 1942 the Maredoratic League declared an economic embargo on Questers and Questers subsequently withdrew from the League; it has not since rejoined. Questarian ally Boaga joined the war in April 1943, seeking to recapture land it considered historically Boagan. By August of 1943 Questarian forces had run out of oil and offensive operations halted. In January 1944 a final offensive was made, which was succesful in capturing Hammerfest, and Varnia sued for peace.