Radical Party (Valcluse)

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Radical Party
Parti radical
Leader Madeline Pellet
President Rosalie Desalines
Founder Éric Pellegrin
Founded 15 May 1976
Preceded by Liberal Party
Headquarters 14 Rue Néro, Valence
Newspaper Bleu et Orange
Student wing Étudiants pour l'Avenir
Youth wing Jeunes Radicals
Membership  (2013) 65,300
Ideology Centrism
Social liberalism
Colours Blue, white, orange
Slogan "Le parti pour tous"
"The party for all"
National Assembly
82 / 356
47 / 210

The Radical Party (French: Parti radical) is an active political party in Valcluse. It is one of the largest parties in Valcluse in terms of active membership as well as one of the largest in Parliament.

The Radical Party was formed in May 1976 by Éric Pellegrin, a well known and widely respected politician who became one of the leading proponents of radical centrism in Valcluse as well as around Maredoratica. It's creation came out of a schism between opposing elements of the Liberal Party which resulted in the party's collapse. These divisions were not resolved when the ruling Socialist Party lost the 1981 Valclusian general election. An inability to compromise on economic and fiscal policies as well as the centrists aversion to the neoliberal policies advocated by the Rally for the Republic saw the creation of the Coalition of National Unity under President Édouard Joyeux which governed between 1981 and 1989.

The first electoral majority came in the 1997 Valclusian general election which saw François Gambier elected as President and served between 1997 and 2004. During the administration of socialist President Amélie Boyer, the party fell into disarray as political infighting took hold. The election of Cédric Mariner to the party leadership in 2006 saw the infighting stop and a stronger, more coherent party platform was established. The Radical Party won the 2007 Valclusian general election and Mariner became President. He remained so until January 2011 when he lost a vote of no confidence at an emergency party meeting on allegations of bribery during the party conference when he was elected leader in 2006. 2011 became known as the "Year of the Three Presidents" (French: Année des trois présidents), with then Finance Minister Catherine Martoli elected as interim party leader and as President until December of the same year when Health Minister Madeline Pellet was elected leader. She was confirmed as President during the 2011 general election and remained so until her loss in the 2015 general election.