Republic of Prekonate Navy

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Republic of Prekonate Navy
'Námořnictvo Příské republiky'
Naval Jack of Prekonate.svg
Founded 1702
Service branches Naval Aviation
Naval Infantry Corps
Headquarters Prekonate Opava, Prekonate
Chancellor Michal Havlicek
Grand Admiral Matouš Čech
Reaching military
age annually
Active personnel 505,377 (ranked 1st)
Budget $136 billion
Percent of GDP 2.97%

The Republic of Prekonate Navy (Prekovi: Námořnictvo Příské republiky), often called the Prekovi Navy, is the maritime branch of the Prekovi Armed Forces. The Navy is responsible for blue water navy operations, coastal defense, amphibious landings, and defense of Prekovi trade. Its active fleet comprises 70 surface combatants, 107 submarines, more than 300 aircraft, and 505,377 personnel.

Prekonate's naval history dates back to the 500s AD, when Slavic settlers left Karaman in trireme dromons. After the confederation of Prekonate in 1642, the navies of its predecessor states were merged into the modern Republic of Prekonate Navy, and its headquarters established in Opava. It benefited from the rapid economic growth during the 1980s and 1990s, and is the recipient of 35% of the total defense budget. A number of modernization programs have been undertaken since the 1980s, mostly aimed at replacing older ships and expanding the submarine fleet.

The vessels of the Republic of Prekonate Navy are divided among the Far-East Fleet, the Karské Flotilla, the Maredoratic Fleet, and the Northern Fleet. A large number of Tu-142 maritime patrol aircraft, Tu-22M bombers, and Šul-27P interceptors are also operational, and are attached to naval bases.


Maredoratic Fleet

Marezlatská flota

Type Class Number Vessels
Far-Eastern Fleet

Dálný východní flota

Type Class Number Vessels
Northern Fleet

Severní flota

Type Class Number Vessels
Karske Flotilla

Karská flotila

Type Class Number Vessels



Name Origin Type Picture Number Tonnage Notes
Aircraft Carriers
Opavský-class  Prekonate Aircraft carrier
MOD UK 45153831.jpg
3 53,000 Only class capable of supporting fixed-wing operations. Normally carry a complement of 32 Šul-33 interceptors, and 12 helicopters. Tasked with providing long-range air defense for deployed fleets.
Ostrava-class  Prekonate Heavy cruiser Nuclear cruiser Frunze.jpg 5 28,000 Nuclear-powered capital ship equipped with long/medium range surface-to-air and anti-ship missiles. Primary offensive warship of the Republic of Prekonate Navy, also complements the Opavský's mission of fleet air defense.
Udatný-class  Prekonate Multirole destroyer
PLANS Jinan (DDG-152) 20151107.jpg
5 7,100 Most modern destroyer in Prekovi service; equipped with S-400 missiles for engagement of cruise and ballistic missiles, and 16 BrahMos for use against land/naval targets. Tasked with defending surface fleets against carrier air groups along with the Horlivý.
Horlivý-class  Prekonate Air-defense destroyer
PLANS Shenyang (DDG-115) 20150825 2.jpg
9 7,100 Primary air-defense escort in Prekovi service. Equipped with S-300 missiles for long range engagement of aircraft and missiles.
Vítězný-class  Prekonate Multirole destroyer
Постоянная группировка ВМФ России в Средиземном море обеспечивает противовоздушную оборону над территории Сирии (19).jpg
18 7,570 Carries SS-N-15 and SS-N-22 missiles for anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare (respectively). Also carries short range surface-to-air missiles for point defense. Most numerous destroyer, often deployed independently or in destroyer flotillas.
Rychlý-class  Prekonate ASW/utility frigate
Imeni 70-letiya VCheKa-KGB 1.jpg
30 4,400 Utility frigate, retrofitted for multiple roles. Approximately half are equipped with SS-N-14 ASW missiles and a helicopter platform, and half with BrahMos and Template:SA-N-12 missiles.
Delfin-class  Prekonate Nuclear missile submarine
Russian submarine Tula (K-114).jpg
4 13,500
Obrovský-class  Prekonate Guided missile submarine
Томск в Вилючинске.jpg
4 14,700 Guided missile submarine tasked with destroying aircraft carriers and other large capital ships. Equipped with SS-N-16 and P-700 missiles. Driven by nuclear propulsion.
Šotek-class  Prekonate Nuclear attack submarine
Alfa class submarine.jpg
8 3,200 1970s-era attack submarine designed to penetrate Morieux's SOSUS line between Cap-Métis and the Aurélien Islands.
Krokodýlí-class  Prekonate Nuclear attack submarine 23 6,990 Upgraded version of venerable 1970s attack submarine class, operating throughout the Eastern Maredoratic.
Barakuda-class  Prekonate Nuclear attack submarine
Submarine Vepr by Ilya Kurganov crop.jpg
36 8,140 Front-line nuclear attack submarine, equipped with modern sonar and acoustic dampening. Continue to be built in large numbers, operating from bases throughout Prekonate.
Sardinka-class  Prekonate Diesel-electric submarine
Б-345 Могоча. Парад ВМФ Владивосток 2007.07.27.JPG
32 2,300 Diesel-electric submarine used for coastal defense and short-range operations; deployed throughout Prekonate.
Landing craft
Mamutí-class  Prekonate Landing ship
15 4,360 Large beachable landing ship capable of carrying 350-500 troops, or 20 tanks, or 40 AFVs, or 1000 tonnes of supplies.
Vosa-class  Prekonate Landing hovercraft
«Мордовия» и «Евгений Кочешков».jpg
9 415 Landing hovercraft with a carrying capacity of 500 troops, or 3 tanks, or 10 armored vehicles with 140 troops.


Name Origin Type Number Tonnage Notes

Beriev A-50
Yakovlev Yak-44

Sukhoi Su-24MP
Sukhoi Su-24M


Kamov Ka-31
Kamov Ka-27
Mil Mi-8



Vympel R-37
Vympel R-27
Vympel R-77
Vympel R-73
Vympel R-60