Rikken Aikokusha

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Constitutional Patriotic Society
Rikken Aikokusha
General Secretary Shinzo Mori
Founded 12 August 1955
Headquarters Nara
Newspaper Inazuma ("Lightning")
Student wing RA Students
Youth wing Young RA
Membership  (2015) 800,000
Ideology Economic liberalism
Legal Populism
Political position Center-right
Colors      Red
160 / 207

The Rikken Aikokusha (立憲愛国社, "Constitutional Patriotic Society"), is a center-right market liberal party in Taihei Tengoku. It currently controls the majority of the judges in the Final Court, and has been the dominant party in Taihei politics since the early 1970s. The party received 70.81% of the vote in the 2014 judicial elections, winning 60 of 69 contested seats.


The Rikken Aikokusha was founded on August 12th, 1955 in the city of Tenma by Rikan Yu, a Pollonan-educated Yujin economist, as a center-left reform party. The ruling tetrarchy had entangled the country in an unpopular undeclared war with Ruccola for the control of the Ishikari Basin. Fielding charismatic anti-war candidates allowed the party to win seats in the urban plurality-vote elections by exploiting bourgeois resentment against incumbent Domeito candidates. After the conflict ended, the indemnities Taihei Tengoku was ordered to pay by the Maredoratic League led to hyperinflation. The reformist economic program of the Rikken Aikokusha led it to victory in the party-list elections as well in 1966 and 1968. In 1968 the Domeito lost the majority within the Final Court for the first time in over fifty years. Rikan Yu, as the head of the party, was elected as the new Wing King in 1969.

Since then, the RA has maintained its status as the dominant party in Taihei politics. Its economic and social stance has moved towards the right as Rikan Yu assumed a similarly dominant role in the Regency, with the party slowly purging itself of its original leftist cadre in successive party conferences and elections. By 1980, the RA had become a firmly free-market or neoliberal party.


Main article: Rikan Yu Thought

The Rikken Aikokusha describes itself as a broadly liberal party based on the principles of the Heavenly Revolution. Unofficially, its ideology is best described as Rikan Yu Thought, an idiosyncratic strain of neoliberalism based upon the ideas of the late Rikan Yu. The core tenets of RKY Thought is its "soft authoritarianism," a combination of total control of the civil service and a belief in meritocracy and performance legitimacy.


The Rikken Aikokusha used a Marxist vanguard organization adopted from the Yamato Communist Party, centered around student and urban vanguard cadres. After the coronation of Rikan Yu the party moved towards a broad-tent, liberal organization. RA cadres are ideologically and professionally vetted by sitting judges in the Final Court and form both the electorate at party conferences and the pool of candidates for political and party office.

Central Committee

Executive authority within the party rests in the 24-member Central Committee, led by a General Secretary. The General Secretary is an elected position and is considered to be the heir apparent to any vacancy within the Regency. The Central Committee fills cabinet posts, and can recommend a list of candidates to the party for the next Central Committee, which are selected through a series of approval votes. Regents and Presidents of the Final Court must resign any affiliation to a political party before assuming office, but form an influential network of party alumni.