Secret Operations Executive

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Secret Operations Executive
SOE Logo 2.png
Logo of the SOE.
Intelligence agency overview
Formed 1992
Headquarters Ministry of Defence
Employees 33,400 (estimate)
Annual budget $25 billion
Intelligence agency executives
Parent Intelligence agency Office of Combined Operations

The Secret Operations Executive is the main civilian internal and external intelligence and security agency of the Questarian Federation. Since the dissolution of the Peoples Security Office in 2014, the SOE has allegedly taken on the bulk of Questarian intelligence work, including counterintelligence activities. The main tasks of SOE includes collection and analysis of intelligence information, counter–espionage operations inside Questers, and mass surveillance. The SOE is a part of the Office of Combined Operations and works closely with the Office of Strategic Reconnaissance. The Director–General of Combined Operations reports directly to the Cabinet of Ministers via the Cabinet Office.

The Executive does not have any practical power, and can only refer Homeland Security or the police for arrests, although it has access to the records made of the general population and can edit and amend them. It carries out of most of its work by human intelligence, but also has significant assets for communications intelligence and has access to the country's military reconnaissance satellites. It is reported that SOE maintains a research and development unit. As of 2017, SOE has also been responsible for cyber security.

The SOE is one of the three main Questarian intelligence agencies, the others being the Republican Homeland Security Office (counterintelligence and counter terrorism) and the Military Intelligence and Reconnaissance Office (military intelligence).



The SOE was set up to carry out four main tasks:

The organisation does not have a direct action division; this job falls to the Office of Strategic Reconnaissance.


The SOE is divided into Services and Departments. Service 1 is known to be the main administration and personnel department, but the total number of services and their purpose is not known. Information on the internal structure of SOE comes from reports in the public domain by intelligence agencies and by defectors. It is believed that there is one Service for each continent, subdivided into Departments for individual countries and operations. Services are formed and dissolved for major operations and individual Services exist for specific tasks; in particular, it is known that Service 60 handles national cyber security, with a significant department for hacking. Service 3 is allegedly a unit for black operations, including blackmail and infiltration of political groups, against internal dissent. Service 11 has been described as a satellite operations unit. Service 24 was established for all operations inside Karaman until it was dissolved in either 2016 or 2017 and merged into the general Alisnan service, Karaman department. Some sources debate whether Northeast Prekonate had its own Service or whether it was part of the Prekonate Department of the Wilassia Service. Several defectors have claimed the existence of a Service 40, a parapsychological research unit.



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