Sessitensian Empire

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Sessitensian Empire
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Standard of the Sessitensian Empire of Sessitensian Empire
Standard of the Sessitensian Empire

The Empire at its greatest extent
Capital Not specified
Languages Latin (official)
Early Morivi
Government Autocracy,
Historical era Late Antiquity
 •  Foundation 285
 •  Something 337
 •  Something Else 364
 •  An Entirely Other Thing 395 CE
 •  Collapse 600 CE 476
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Something Beforehand Flag.png Other States
Kingdom of Italy (476-493)
Visigothic Kingdom
Domain of Soissons
Domain of Moor
Sub-Roman Britain
Kingdom of Burgundy
Vandal Kingdom
Suebic Kingdom of Galicia
San Marino
Today part of
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The Sessitensian Empire was the end state of the ancient Sessitensian civilization, characterized by autocratic government headed by emperors and large territorial holdings in southern Alisna, including Berry, Borgosesia, Karaman, and Morieux. The empire was founded on x city and grew to be an estimated size of y million people. Civil wars and political conflict between aristocratic classes are the hallmark of Sessitensian politics, with executions, coups, and dictators being common elements of Sessitensian society.

The collapse of the Sessitensian Empire came in the 6th and 7th Centuries CE. Assassinations, palace coups, and military dictatorship, combined with abuses of power, economic depression, and barbarian invasions, led to the total breakdown of the Sessitensian government and society.





Government and Military