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The Sévéracois Catholic Church is the xth largest Christian church in Maredoratica with x followers. The Church was officially established after the Valsesian Schism of 1935 following the Valsesian Church's domination by Borgosesia fascists. It has established and maintained itself as the successor of the one true church of Mikhael of Corum among most of the Catholic population of Maredoratica. It considers itself one of the oldest religious institutions in the world and has played a major role in the development of Morivaine and Alisnan civilization. The Sévéracois Catholic Church is currently headed by the Bishop of Sévérac, known as the Pope.

The Church maintains that it's representation of the doctrine of Mikhael of Corum is fundamentally infallible. The core of the Church's teachings is focused on the sacrament of the Eucharist and Mass. It fundamentally differs from the Arian communion and the Church of Galla in its recognition of the trinitarian quality of God and from the Orthodox and Protestant denominations in that it teaches the doctrine of transubstantiation among other differences. Only baptized and confirmed members of the Church are allowed to engage in the sacrament of communion. The Church also promotes the celebration of the life of Maria, as well as those of Mikhael's apostles, in addition to the teachings of Mikhael himself.


  • First catholic church is established by Saint Mark in 40 AD in what is now Borgosesia.
  • Christianity spreads across Alisna and eventually to Morieux.
  • As more and more sects pop up religious leaders call for a unifying doctrine and decide to meet at Modicia in 352AD.
  • Once at Modicia, they realize they really do not agree enough, Palamites and Arians branch off (See doctrinally issues below) while Borgos and Morivaines agree w/ final outline of the Modician Creed:
    • The catholics believe that God the father, the son, and the holy spirit are eternal, and always have been
    • palamites believe that the eternal holy spirit begat God the father, who begat the son.
    • Arians believe God the Son, while divine, was begotten and had a beginning while God the Father alone is without beginning or end, that the Son was the Father's first creation, and that the Father then created all things through the Son, directing the Son and providing him with the materials of creation.
  • Proto cathar writings are spread throughout galla in the 7th and 8th Centuries.
    • Cathar Church finally emerges as a unified doctrine in the 12th Century
  • Some time later, varnia/pollona/berri/vl/ruccola break off into their own protestant sects as well

Doctrinal differences



Country/Region Total Population Sévéracois Catholic percentage (%) of total population Sévéracois Catholic population
 Berry 41,583,714 41% 17,038,589
 Borgosesia 32,585,300 20.4% 6,647,401
 Côte d'Or 68,843,439 65.8% 44,832,822
 Galkayo 68,134,988 30.4% 20,713,036
 Galla 64,532,234 <1% 269,102
 Morieux 171,478,000 71% 121,749,380
 Pollona 71,600,214 21.6% 15,465,650
 Prekonate 346,300,000 5% 17,315,000
 Ruccola 92,692,000 34.5% 31,978,740
 Valcluse 21,395,950 42.0% 8,986,298
 Van Luxemburg 88,366,000 28% 24,742,480