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Oliver Powell, founder of the Questarian Communist Party.

Sorelism-Powellism is the political ideology of the Questarian Communist Party. The term was created by Richard Elliot, a Party leader between 1979 and 1991, in order to describe the specific approach to a Communist society envisioned by Oliver Powell, one of the founding members of the Party.

The term has been used officially by the Communist Party since 1992. It describes a synthesis of Sorelist dialectical-historical materialist views and economic theory, mixed with Syndicalist and Council communist approaches to achieving a revolution. In Sorelism-Powellism the role of the Communist Party is to provide "revolutionary structure" to a society and to politically organise a workers state. The Party works together with trade unions, who organise a Syndicalist economy.

Sorelism-Powellism rejects social democracy and social reform, instead advocating for a strong Communist Party to provide an ideological framework for revolution. Through revolution, Sorelist-Powellists seek to create a Socialist state. By using this state to plan massive capital accumulation and intense development of the productive forces, Sorelist-Powellists intend to create a classless society, in which all property is communally owned and there is total social equality. Sorelist-Powellists believe in creating strong socialist states with the power to export revolution. Central to Sorelism-Powellism is co-operation between the "vanguards" of the Communist Party, selected individuals with strong ideological beliefs and organisational powers, and the working class, as represented by trade unions.