Taihei Tael

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Taihei Tael
ISO 4217 code TTT
Central bank Bank of Nara
Private entities
Date of introduction 1880
User(s)  Taihei Tengoku
Inflation 1.9%
Symbol T
 Freq. used T1, T5, T25, T50, T100
 Rarely used T500, T1000
 Freq. used T500, T1000, T2000, T5000, T10,000
 Rarely used T100,000

The Taihei Tael' (Yamato: 両, ryō, sign: T, code: TTT) is the national currency of Taihei Tengoku. The Tael is a unitary currency without subdivisions. The tael, like the Pollonan Koruna, is a privately-issued currency.