Van Luxemburger Marechaussee

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Agency overview
Formed 1812
Preceding agency Korps Rijksveldwacht
Legal personality Governmental: Government agency
Jurisdictional structure
Size 900 km²
Population 88,366,000
Primary governing body Ministry of Defence
Secondary governing body Inspectorate-General of the Defence Forces
General nature
Specialist jurisdictions
  • Customs.
  • National border patrol, security, and integrity.
  • Operational structure
    Headquarters Luxembourg, Van Luxemburg
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    The Groussherzogliche Marechaussee (or Van Luxemburger Marechaussee) is a Gendarmerie-style police force that is not only responsible for the law enforcement within the Van Luxemburger defence forces, but also for customs duties and border patrol. Therefore, the Marechaussee is often the first Van Luxemburger law enforcement agencies foreigners encounter when they enter the Grand Duchy.

    The Marechaussee is also an important part of the law enforcement forces in the special canton of Philipsbaai, where it is especially concerned with operations to counter drug smuggling and to control and guide traffic around the military exercise area ANTMIL. For these purposes, it has been equipped with a fleet of helicopters, patrol boats and corvettes.

    Two Marechaussees in civilian service uniform, used for customs duties and border patrol. For civilian service, blue is worn whilst in military service, an olive green uniform is used.