Yamato Communist Party

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Yamato Communist Party
Yamato Kyōsantō
General Secretary Mō Dakutō
Founded 1 May 1922
Headquarters Nara
Newspaper Gō-I ("Five-One" or "May Day")
Student wing Zengakuren ("All-Students' Alliance")
Youth wing YCP Youth League
Membership  (2015) 160,000
Ideology Communism
Scientific socialism
Political position Communist
Colors      Red
Anthem Listen! Workers of the World!
29 / 207

The Yamato Communist Party (大和共産党, Yamato Kyōsantō) is a Taihei communist party founded in 1922. It is the largest opposition party in Taihei Tengoku and one of the largest non-governing communist parties in the world.


The Socialist International founded the Yamato Communist Party on May Day, 1922 at its 57th Congress at St. Lo. As the Taihei government banned Communist parties through the test act, the YCP first operated in Alisna and Jungastia around a core of exiled socialist intellectuals and labor leaders. The YCP covertly intervened in labor disputes by backing sympathetic factions against the state or the cartel and set up underground cells of socialist cadres in cities as vanguards for a future communist revolution. Though the YCP successfully established itself as the principal leftist party in the country, none of the party's founders would return to Taihei Tengoku in their lifetimes.

Prospects improved for the YCP as Taihei Tengoku instigated the Confronto against Ruccola in 1956. Initial support for the war quickly waned in the face of Taihei operational failures and punitive Maredoratic League sanctions. Communist cadres led anti-war campaigns and engaged in low-level sabotage against the war effort. The YCP also made a tactical alliance with the Rikken Aikokusha party against the ruling Domeito, which had access to public legitimacy and influence within the Taihei government, both of which the YCP lacked.