Air National Guard of Morieux

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Garde nationale aérienne
Roundel of the Air National Guard
Active 1943 - present
Country  Morieux
Type Air force
Size 184,372 active
95,770 reserve
3,005 aircraft
Part of Armed forces of Morieux
Chief of Staff of the Air National Guard Général de la Garde nationale aérienne Courtois Lamé

The Air National Guard of Morieux (French: Garde nationale aérienne) is the air force of the Armed Forces of Morieux. It was originally formed as the Service Aéronautique during the 1870's as the balloon reconaissence unit of the Morivaine National Guard and was only made an independent branch of the armed forces in 1943. It is one of the largest and most technologically advanced air forces in Maredoratica. It is commanded by the Chief of Staff of the Air National Guard, currently Courtois Lamé, who reports directly to the Minister of War. As of 2014, the service operates more than 2,900 aircraft, 81 S-5 Libérateur intercontinental ballistic missiles, x T-3 Émancipateur theatre ballistic missiles and 34 satellites and employs 184,372 active personnel, 102,763 civilian personnel, and 95,770 reserve personnel.

Types of Aircraft

Aircraft Photo Origin Role Versions Quantity Note
Combat aircraft
Duval Aéronautique Prédateur Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor JSOH.jpg  Morieux Fighter Aircraft A 56
Duval Aéronautique Flèche Rafale - RIAT 2009 (3751416421).jpg  Morieux Fighter Aircraft A
Lafayette Frelon Mirage 2000C in-flight 2 (cropped).jpg  Morieux Multirole fighter
Strike Aircraft
SA Lance I RA-5C RVAH-14 in flight over NAS Albany 1969.jpg  Morieux Fighter Aircraft
Strike Aircraft
Duval Aéronautique Sabre DF-ST-84-06980.JPEG  Morieux Strike Aircraft 345
SA Niké Mirage IV DN-ST-87-02585.JPEG  Morieux Strategic bomber 162
Lafayette Javelot Tupolev Tu-160 in 1997.jpg  Morieux Strategic bomber 96
Reconnaissance aircraft
Loire AE300 Boeing E-3A (NATO) (8739203052).jpg  Morieux AEW&C 18
Duval Aéronautique Mirador 116th ACW E-8C Joint STARS 96-0042.jpg  Morieux Signals intelligence (ELINT) 6
Duval Aéronautique Clôture EC-130E PA ANG over Harrisburg 1980.JPEG  Morieux Signals intelligence (ELINT) 4
Transport and Aerial refueling
Loire A330 RAAF KC-30 refueling a USAF Globemaster.jpg  Morieux Aerial refueling 225
Loire A270 Paris Air Show 2007-06-24 n15.jpg  Varnia Tactical transport 27 A small, medium-ranged tactical transport aircraft. Used for transporting light cargo or paratroopers.
Loire A130 ROCAF C-130H Climbing up 20111122.jpg  Morieux Tactical transport H
Loire A500 22d Military Airlift Squadron C-5A Galaxy European camouflage pattern.jpg  Morieux Cargo Aircraft 39
Loire A170 US Air Force C-17 Globemaster III formation.jpg  Morieux Cargo Aircraft 120
Training Aircraft
Lafayette Ramphastidae Dassault Alpha Jet E E158 8 Patrouille de France (5944373022).jpg  Morieux Trainer Aircraft 275
Lafayette Kiwi Beechcraft T-6 Texan flying by.jpg  Morieux Trainer Aircraft 256
SA 24 Branta P1090060 (15206390807).jpg  Morieux
Utility helicopter 35
SA 350 Icterus Aerospatiale AS-550C-2 Fennec, Denmark - Army AN0891066.jpg  Morieux Utility and training helicopter 30
SA 34 Oie EC725 Caracal - RIAT 2009.jpg  Morieux Search and Rescue helicopter 55
Loire Ange Global Hawk 1.jpg  Morieux Reconnaissance UAV 20
Loire Prophète 138th Attack Squadron - MQ-9A Reaper.jpg  Morieux Reconnaissance UAV 56 215 planned.
Loire Prêtre MQ-1 Predator unmanned aircraft.jpg  Morieux Reconnaissance UAV 89